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Marble Pegasi - Pt. 3

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Slender man icon “Yeah, thanks. Thanks for nothing.”

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Slenderpony: This is slowly becoming the most confusing day of my life.

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Poor poor Slender pony 
sweetymimy22's avatar
III thiiink he wants to run away ^^´´
Golden-Risuto's avatar
Poor Slendy mane XD
Firestormthedragolf's avatar
Slender: what in th fuck
josephlaville2's avatar
It's "voila" not "viola".
ThatChaosDude's avatar
Saying "viola" instead of "voila" is a new trend Rarity is hoping to set.
Golden-Risuto's avatar
Sooo thin... and sexy Love
Zalleus's avatar
Why has no one been impaled on a tree yet!? This is disgraceful!
joelashimself's avatar
I can hear the voices of the characters clearly.  You depict them with impeccable clarity.
He could stand to iron his suit every now and then, though. It gets kind of wrinkled when he wears it for eternities on end.
Omny87's avatar
That's not a suit, that's part of his body
Not so far as Rarity knows.
DragonTurtle2's avatar
Oh yeah, I've never really thought about the kind of tail Slendermane would have.
cajobif's avatar
Rarity's urge to make him look fabulous.

Oh. Don't worry Rarity, he won't.
sigel4ever's avatar
SP: WTH!!!!!!!!!!!
MrLAZYDODO's avatar
this "voila" not "viola" in french
Salade-cesar's avatar
"Viola" means raped in french, whitch is not quite like "Voilà"
Omny87's avatar
No, Rarity's just announcing her enthusiasm for bowed string instruments.
Sturmlion1's avatar
He does not look pleased.
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