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Marble Pegasi - Pt. 1

Fluttershy meets a strange pony of unusually slender build.

Marble Pegasi - Pt. 2
Marble Pegasi - Pt. 3
Marble Pegasi - Pt. 4
Marble Pegasi - Pt. 5
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Dec 13, 2012, 2:57:43 PM
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GIF My Little Pony - Laugh Poor Slendermane.

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Slenderpony: This is nuts.

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Well she did make friends with the Lord of Chaos :shrug:
sweetymimy22's avatar
AAWWWW you are so nice flutty :3 ........ °_° WHAT THE F*''+#+K Run away, Clueless foal
X-marblehornets-x's avatar
lol fluttershy
*Drags fluttershy while fluttershy drags slender XD*
Soriokink's avatar
.. wouldn't that rip a normal ponies arm off or something?
Firestormthedragolf's avatar
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XD Oh yeah, I could see this totally happening.
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Fluttershy beats Slender. 'nuff said!
UniverseDragon's avatar
OMG this is great :D
tsark's avatar
His hooves digging in !! XD I love this already!
Salamore0's avatar
...Dem butt tentacles.
joelashimself's avatar
Ha!  Love it.
ECCEPTIONAL porportioning here man.
Really nice work.
Element0fKindness's avatar
Yup.  That's pretty much how it would go.
Ravnos2's avatar
yoshiegg64's avatar
Congratulations on making it on Equestrian Daily!…
Omny87's avatar
I would hope so; I was the one who sent it in.
It's a good thing he doesn't have eyes. You know how 'Shy gets about the judgmental stares of strange ponies; he could well starve to death before she got up the courage to help him if he had eyes.
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lol wow thats a sweet slender pony 
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that is Fluttershy for you
cajobif's avatar
For a pegasus who doesn't flu much, she get suddenly much stronger with the will to help someone.

Or Slender there is pretty much light.

I still can't believe they made him canon.
Omny87's avatar
I dunno if a half-second background easter egg counts as canon...
cajobif's avatar
The single fact that he was made it accepted as such.

Now, I wonder if we'll see some FNAF now in season 5. I mean also as a easter egg. Could happen. I know there are a ton in the comics.
sigel4ever's avatar
SP: oooook, thi isn't the reaction i wanted
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