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Chryssy's Hostile Takeover

By Omny87
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A sorta-sequel to Chryssy's Special Delivery, AKA "How Chrysalis managed to kidnap the princesses with surprisingly little effort".

This took a lot longer than I had hoped it would- not only did I have to remake it from scratch the first time (the original sketch was terrible), I had to split the comic into three separate files so Photoshop wouldn't get bogged down. Still, glad I finally finished.
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They want a vacation and xenoponys 🏨
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kamenmasterHobbyist Writer

Gotta love that vacation goo.

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And maybe THIS is the same exact reason Bowser manages to kidnap Peach every single time. She just LETS him.
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Omny87Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean, the three of them play tennis and go-kart together; so maybe this is just something they do for funsies.
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ShrickHobbyist Writer
To be honest, if I would have to work 24/7 I would even ask Chrysalis to kidnapp me at least once every half year^^ I mean, it's not like she actually is hard to beat in the end
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Wow but the Princesses are confident that Chryssy's gonna lose.
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Omny87Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well that's the thing about Equestria: it's easy to conquer, but at the same time easy to take back. It's all balanced.
ardashir's avatar
Well, that's true.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Hilarious, and still makes so much sense! :lol:
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Culu-BluebeaverHobbyist Digital Artist
XD OMG ... that was really funny. 
blewfire's avatar
This explains everything! 
fugimoto's avatar
Best parody EVER.... of all time! :iconderpyhoovesplz:
ok maybe exaggerating a bit but it's close though I gotta say they're reasoning seems pretty sound to me and those cocoons "DO" seem pretty cozy.... (begins searching phone book for Changeling directory assistance)  =D
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They all look so cute!!
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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
Now that's just lazy. XD
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Bet Luna was just pretending to look scared when warning the others.
Omny87's avatar
Omny87Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well you gotta have some kind of safety net so their "vacation" doesn't go on for too long.
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Lol, the royals seem to take a break and get themselves captured for a change.
Mutio86's avatar
I think Chrysalis will let them go eventually, she doesn't like being used xD
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This is funny. I really like the whole premise of the protagonist wanting to lose out of some self-reason and the villain just standing there in confusion. I alwaysed loved that premise.
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Despite parodying the situation for laughs, this actually makes a little more sense than many other alternative explanations. 
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well..this is awkward...*looks at the changeling forces that was standing outside all beaten up* guess i didn't have to do that then.... *looks at a shocked chrysalis* whoops um..hehe my bad
daroachesminion8's avatar
This is a terrible joke 
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Hahaha I love this XD 
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Explains so much.
Not sarcastic
Seriously, not sarcastic
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