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A Somber Meeting



The newly-crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle meets a dark foe from the past. Deals, dark magic and dangerous trope savviness ensues.

This is perhaps my longest, as well as my darkest,MLP comic yet. I know a lot of folks dislike King Sombra because of how little we know of him, but personally, I find that what little is known about him is pretty damn awesome. Obsession with crystals aside, Sombra is probably one of the most dangerous villains the Mane 6 has faced yet, only beating him at the last second through on-the-fly decision-making and pure, blind luck. Hopefully season four will flesh him out further.

On a side note, any comments about tentacle rape or "I've seen enough hentai blah de blah de blah" will be deleted. Yes, even if you add "jk" at the end or stop writing halfway to say "oh no I can't say that lol I'm so ironic". I'm saying this because I want to keep the number of meme-vomiting dipshits parroting the same joke over and over again to a minimum.

EDIT: Okay, over 1500 faves and 500 comments later, I'm going to answer a couple common questions:

Q: Will you continue this comic?
A: Probably not. Even before I sat down and first sketched it out, I had planned to keep the comic open-ended as it is now. I have no plans or ideas on how to continue this, because frankly, at the moment any attempts at coming up with a sequel will just seem forced. But who knows what the future holds? We'll see.

Q: Can I write a fanfic based off of this?
A: You certainly can, as long as you give me credit. Also once you do write it, send me a link! I'd love to read it.

With that said, thank you for all the faves and comments, especially the ones sparking friendly debate and insightful thoughts.
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Sombra: your future is already decided Twilight, you’ll take ponykind magic away in the future for the greater good during a major civil war, we are definitely much alike.

*Sombra flys away in his shadowy mist form*