In case you don’t know, on My Patreon I do “Midweek Moleskines”, where I post 3-5 sketches every Tuesday or Wednesday for all Patrons who pledge $5 or more!

Originally I posted these previews on my Tumblr, but I decided to post them here as well. I'll be posting all the preview pics from my Tumblr thus far so I'll catch up to it, and continue to post previews every week.

So Midweek Moleskines will still be largely Patreon-exclusive, but even if you’re not a Patron, you’ll still get a little taste of my sketches! Just don’t actually taste them; you’ll smudge your computer screen and seriously, when’s the last time you cleaned that thing?

But if you’d rather see them all at once just mosey on over to My Patreon and toss a few bucks my way.