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This one means a lot to me as it includes a lot of personal superlatives:
-it took the most time to finish. I never even started paying attention to how long I sat down drawing
-Before I started drawing I promised myself that this one would become the best drawing I've ever done and in my opinion I succeed.:deviation: I'm very proud of the outcome and I'm confident, that everything is possible :la:
-It's also the biggest drawing I've ever done (size: see below)
-Furthermore it's my most realistic (e.g. I used the circulism technique for the first time, to achieve a realistic skin texture), it has by far the longest "artist's comment" and it will hopefully become my most successfull deviation here on dA. :fingerscrossed:

Some information about the drawing

Size: A3 (~30cmx40cm or 11.7" × 16.5")
Paper: Bristol Paper (about 300g/m² I think)
reference: [link]
time: eternity (honestly, I have NO idea :D)
Tools I used:
-mechanical pencils 2B,HB,H (0,5 and 0,3)
-graphit pencils and clutch pencils 4H,2H,H,HB,B,2B,3B,6B,8B
-cotton pads/Q-tips/estomps for blending
-3 sheets of copypaper to cover already finished (and unfinished) parts
-normal and kneaded eraser and eraser stick
-Adobe Lightroom 3 to adjust the brightness and contrast to make the scanned version look more like the original drawing

Take a look at the ~Work in Progress~
Yes, I'm a HUGE House MD fan :love:


Every :+fav: and comment is very appreciated and I'll gladly answer all your questions.

:frustrated: Waaah, I just wanted to start a poll at my profile about what I should draw next, but.... I really need a subscription guys, please help me by donating :la: [link]


Q: Can you share a little about how you accomplished such a realistic beard?
A: The beard was the part that took the most time to finish. As I already mentioned I never used such a big format before so I kind of often still used the same hand-motions as on smaller drawings. Thus I created a good deal more facial hairs than on the reference which are also shorter (if you compare), but I still like the result.I basically drew every bearded area in three steps:
1. I draw one blended area with the shade that is found most, already sparing parts where I want to add the brighter hairs (negative drawing). Don't be too careful with leaving these spots white^^
2. I draw single hairs with a softer pencil (usually one or two grades)
3. I use a kneaded eraser and (for really bright hairs) a pencil stick to lighten up the single bright hairs.

It's important that you always draw facial hairs curved, also the single white ones. They only go into one direction very roughly (some guidelines to indicate the directions prevously are recommended).

Q: I've been trying to get that realistic skin texture, but I just can't get it. Any tips?
What is the circulism technique?

A: Circulism is basically drawing very tiny overlapping and intertwining circles. Therefor I abrade the tip of my pencil , e.g. by using a piece of sandpaper or a nail file, to make it larger. As soon as you filled an area with graphit you blend it using a tissue, Q-tip or tortillion, by moving your tool in the same little circular motion. It's a great technique to attain a realistic skin texture.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for drawing realistic hair? Mine always looks streaky/stringy.
A: Drawing (human) hair has always been the thing I struggled most with when drawing. But I discovered a few major mistakes I now try to avoid.
-never hesitate while drawing hair
-follow the shape of each strand with your pencil while drawing them
-try not to blend too much (this makes the hair look flat) and if you do so, also follow the directions given by your reference
-keep particularly an eye out for highlights. A high contrast creates a more three-dimensional effect
-patience, patience, patience (even more than for the rest of your drawing)
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my dose he look like makarov XD