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The Gettysburg Address by OmniSlackerr, visual art

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I'm not your average Internet patron. I don't like memes, I play games other than AAA releases, I don't indulge in Monster or any other energy drink for that matter, and I don't top all of that off with a flatbill. Furthermore, I enjoy enunciating, in fact, I'm very much an advocate for proper grammar and spelling. Given that I have frequented the Internet for twelve or so years (I'm twenty-five, for context,) I've heard the age old argument that adherance to proper grammatical structure online isn't necessary as long as everyone is being understood. I find this argument to be fallacious, as I'm not being given any substantial reason to maintain even a modicum of respect for those that don't even want to put forth any kind of effort in grasping the basics of the English language. It's essentially an excuse to be lazy.

Speaking of being lazy, I want touch on memes and the culture that has sprouted as a result of said memes. When was the last time you had a proper conversation on the Internet that didn't involve someone sharing a popular picture or video to convey their point? You probably can't recall such a scenario, can you? These days, nobody wants to take the time to craft an articulate statement, whether it's in response to someone else, or to simply have a thought in the first place. Why be original when you can just resort to a five second Google search?

After all, that time could be put to good use mindlessly shooting others with no tactical efficiency in Call of Duty. If not CoD, then how about running from zombies in Day Z? Everyone loves zombies, right? They share two important qualities with the average Internet user these days, after all; they're slow and mindless. Zing.

It may seem as though I hate games and have no respect for gamers in general, but this is entirely untrue. I've been a fan of video games for twenty-two years and as such, I do identify myself as a gamer. However, that doesn't mean I am a fanatic of every single game under the sun, nor do I share the mindset of every gamer on the planet, after all, I know words other than 'bro'. Also, contrary to what this would have you believe so far, I'm not an asshole that believes himself to be better than everyone else.

The difference between myself and a typical League of Legends fan is that I'm not an elitist prick. I also don't have the mindset of an edgy twelve-year old, so there's that.

I'm probably not making friends with this so far, but that's not the point, so fission isn't mailed quite yet, although I don't need any scissors, so that's an issue. At any rate, if you're still reading this, there's a good chance that you aren't a mouthbreathing cunt that likes to go with the flow just because everyone else does. If that's the case, welcome. There are various links below detailing things I actually enjoy, just for people like you. Keep the struggle.

Twitter: OmniSlacker

What games do I like?

Steam: OmniSlacker

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Awesome art lol some of it is funny makes me laughAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 
Thanks for watching!
Yo thanks for the watch :D 
Thanks for the llama
thanks for llama :D
Thanks for the llama  :happybounce: