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Evercircle(Circle of Kindness #11)



Part of my Circle of Kindness Wallpaper Series!
You can check out the full set here -…

This series is heavily inspired by an amazing story by ~shortskirtsxplosions called End of Ponies. Literally one of the best stories I've ever read, and it's not even finished yet! It's basically about the adventures of the sole equine survivor of the Equestrian apocalypse. Really great read, would most definitely recommend it! You can find it here -…

This series will focus on the Fluttershy Arc - 'Circle of Kindness' of End of Ponies. It's quite the emotional rollercoaster, so there's a lot of differing looks and tones to these wallpapers. On top of that, I tried out a few new styles I'm not familiar with, just to broaden my horizons. I tried to capture the emotions I felt while reading each chapter, and put it into something that shows those emotions. The majority of the wallpapers in this series feature Fluttershy, eight out of twelve of them, this is because they're focusing on the Fluttershy arc.

This wallpaper is focusing on the eleventh chapter of the Fluttershy Arc: 'Evercircle'
For this wallpaper, I went for a minimal feel, again. I'm just now realizing I did that for like 80% of this series.
I really enjoyed this chapter, and wanted to use an equally awesome image of Fluttershy. I'm not completely satisfied with this one, but it's growing on me. Slowly.

A rather large thank you to *InkyTophat for the amazing Fluttershy, which can be found here -
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