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Good News Everyone!

Working with my provider we were able to restore an old backup of the Thumbbot server to temporary machine. Last night I was able to get it running and copy the application and mysqldump to my local machine and an external drive (being cautious this time.) Also last night I moved the database and application onto their new home, a machine running Ubuntu 12.10. At this point there are a few lingering python dependencies that I need to resolve as a result of the old code in Thumbbot (Python 2.6 for those who are wondering) and once that's all taken care of we'll be back up and running. My current timeline is to have him back by early Friday night.

A note on the restoration: The backup used to restore Thumbbot is roughly one year old, users or channels added to the bot in that time will be gone and have to be re-added, and trivia scores will be completely reset when I bring the bot back for fairness. 

It has obviously been longer than I had suggested it would be to migrate the server that Thumbbot lived on and he's still not back... So where is he?

The issue that necessitated the maintenance was a server so seriously out of date that the only way to update the OS was to complete reinstall it (I have been hosting Thumbbot for over 3 years). Before I blew away the server I took backups of Thumbbot's database and application directories and then did my work. I setup the new server and and installed a few things that I needed on it but was having performance issues that took about a week to resolve and after that I honestly was just too busy to get the bot back up... Flash forward to this past week when I went to restore Thumbbot... I cannot find the backups I took. Somehow over the past month the backups were delete from my computer. I don't know if I put them in one of my temp folders by accident and it got cleared or if I deleted them in some flat out mistake... Either way they're gone. 

So, what am I doing about it? I have a much older backup of the entire server that Thumbbot used to live on and I am currently working with my hosting company to try and get the data off of it... Failing that I have a few other options open to me but they'll take time.

I apologize for the delays and I cannot begin to tell you how terrible I feel about this right now. I am working on it and hopefully I will have your trivia and thumb sharing back up for you within the week.

TL;DR: I made a mistake somewhere and deleted Thumbbot, I am working to get at older backups.
Planned Maintenance: Thumbbot
Date: March 15th, 2013
Estimated Downtime: 1-3 days
Affected Services:
- Thumbbot / Trivia

What this means to you:
- Thumbbot will be down while the server it lives on is completely rebuilt. During the maintenance Thumbbot will not appear in chatrooms and will be inaccessible in any way. The server is currently running Ubuntu 9.10 which is ridiculously out of date and although the server has an amazing 1054 days uptime it needs some work.