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Full Panel Pack for Omnimo 6.0

Contains all currently available DLC Panels for Omnimo 6 (more to come)
© 2013 - 2021 omnimoaddons
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isn't this technically illegal or something,most of that dlc was only for contributors, just asking, wont the creators go after you

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How do I actually install this? The rainmeter.cfg file doesn't help much. addons
on the web page it says "all packs are currently unavailable". I was having issues trying to get the content to work after extraction but it seems something maybe wrong on their end in case anyone was noticing this issue too.
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Is there a motivational quotes included?
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the panel pack will be downloaded when the when u click on the panel on the right-side of the screen.
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note: Forget.
right side where?
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you guys have support only for gmail? =/
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so how is this downloaded?
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Thanx a lot for sharing this :)
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Excellent stuff :-)).

Been playing around with Omnimo for a day or so now, and last thing trying to make the currency skin work - it's broken as shipped :-((.

Using Windows 8.1 Pro.

Set up to get 1 GBP to USD conversion and it never updates - see the following fix ;-)

Problem is that the page referred to :

no longer exists - and we get redirected to a new page called 'echarts' instead (had to fire up NetMon to see that by watching the raw TCP packets :-O).

This then means that the supplied regex does not work - as the page is (apparently - as I have never seen the original) quite different.

Well - I am NO regex expert but just managed to learn enough to fix this problem by viewing the page source and using the following regex :


IT WORKS :-)). First bit of Regex I have ever managed to create - with the help of the RainMaker webparser tutorial and the Rex tutorials it also sent me to :-))

So currency is looking good - just need it to display > 2 decimals, something for tomorrow I guess ;-)).

NB Whilst 'playing' (and learning ;-) - I managed to completely screw my desktop such that all my desktop items appeared on the page with the Omnimo skin elements, and pressing F8 gave me a blank desktop :-O - all my original desktop icons disappeared (ie moved to the 'other' page :-O.

Had to turn OFF Omnimo and restart it - then they all came back - thanks G*D !!! ;-)).

Gradually getting up to speed - its a BIG learning curve never having even used RainMeter before yesterday :-O. BUT the more I play - the more I like it ;-)). As a 'traditional' software/web/database developer, having 'live' desktop tiles on OS's prior to Win8 is GREAT :-)) - and I am now considering how to implement this for my clients ;-)).

Highly impressed to-date ;-)).

Hope this feedback is useful.....

Best Regards

how do i get the currency app to work( think the plugin is out of date)?
how to download?
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Thanks Omnimoaddons
Thank you Omnimoaddons!
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For those who hit & run, thank you're uploaders. Its rude to get it & leave.

Thank you omnimoaddons!
Cómo puedo descargar el Full Panel? How to download Full Panel?
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