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City of Angels
City of Angels, city of Grace
Be there tomorrow, be there today
Be there forever, be there for me
Be there today, so I can see
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 2 2
Back on the bus
   Back on the bus
  Back in my place
   Why don't you understand now,
  I'm in your same race
     I'm running, fleeing
   Just like you
      Get away, get away from this place that I knew
The superior glances
   The arrogant barks
  I don't appreciate flippant remarks
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 1 0
Way out Shondess
Where the wild winds blow
The sand shifts careful
Sly, dead and cold
   Walk down the streets
Of the oasis city
Past the houses
Past half-wits row
Back to the edge of the desert
And sit in the shade
Of the Changeling tree
Let Shade swallow you up
Into it's world of fades and grays
Say hello to the seconds in command
The failures
The blamed
The forgotten
And those who make light possible
Those in the Light
Can't see us
Not really
Half-wits might catch a glimpse
But their world slips into those strange, blocky colors you used to see
If you decide to stay
There will be friends
the woodwork
is more interesting
than you might think
While the Light will never notice it
The Dark rejects it
The Shade will always be there
Giving depth
Way out Shondess
Where the wild winds blow
The grass shifts careful
Soft, dead and slow
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 1 2
Sean Walker Ch 2: Rhea Thomas
Sean doesn't like me. He doesn't like any of us; I mean, we intrude into his life; but he REALLY doesn't like me. Like I ripped him off big time when I was alive or something. It doesn't make sense.
I didn't want to be in his head more than he wanted me there. I got lost, OK? My afterlife involved a lot of paperwork and following badly written directions. I don't know, maybe I'm not dead yet or something, but it doesn't matter 'cause I'm lost now. Guess that's how it works.
I died by starvation in the woods. My friend convinced us to go off the path (which, for the record, I DIDN'T WANT TO DO) and we got separated one night and I got lost as usual and didn't know what to do. It was just the sort of lonely, stupid death that dad my last boyfriend said I would have after I broke up with him.  THAT STUPID ASSFUCKING DICKFACE.
Sorry, his new girlfriend was one of my best friends. I want his magnificent dick to be cut off with his hair he loves so much.  THAT SHITSUCKER.
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 1 3
The Chimera's Oath
I am deaf until you let me hear.
I am blind until you let me see.
With my sins, battles, sweat and tears
I am dead until you set me free
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 2 1
I do not have a title for this
Rainie Herendun of the Smoketrader drug cartel was being sent to negotiate with the Goldsmith cartel. With the amount of power between the two drug pushing companies, it was politics, which meant no guns.
She arrived at the address given to her anonamously. 517 LeCours Ave. She was standing in front of "Manafra's cafe and restaurant." A rather unimpressive building.
She entered and sat down, saying that she was reserved under Haile, just as she was instructed.
Soon after she ordered her food, 3 well-dressed men joined her. One was large and muscled with shaggy brown hair that was going gray. The second was wearing a tight suit and his slick jet black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. The third; although not as big as the first; was by far the most menacing. He wore a distinguishing white suit coat, blue-green shirt and no tie. His eyes were intense and fixed on Rainie.
"Hello, I'm Rainie Herendun of Smoketrader," she said in a trained monotone, never bringing any trace of emoti
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 0 0
Sean Walker: Host to the Lost
"We think it's bad." Yeah no shit Sherlock.
"How long has it been like this?" Yeah that's right ask my sister who got out of this the first chance she saw.
"About three months." Are you fuckin serious. There are fuckin people in my head.
Yeah, I know what you're thinkin. Schizo. Plain and simple. But it's not. I've tried those fucking anitpsychotics and nothing works. God knows I've tried everything. Don't know when this happened, don't know how. Don't care. All that matters is getting them back where they belong.
And I think one of them's crazier than me.
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 0 0
The Answering Machine Message
'Hello! You've reached the phone of Trish Flicker. If you would like to contact me about business or guns, thank you and I'll return your call as soon as I can. If you're contacting me about a personal matter, I've severed all person-to-person connections. Thank you for understanding.'
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 0 1
   One day I finally worked up the nerve to kill my roommate.
  I simply got a steak knife, shoved it into his sleeping throat and pulled. I watched his eyes go pained, then blank. I felt nothing.
   Only this disturbed my. Shouldn't killers feel something? Anything at all? Whether it be passion, liking, hate, need or arousement? Just being so devoid of emotion is the mark of what? Inhumanity? Psychosis? It plagued me for hours.
  Then I began to laugh. I'd killed a man, I'd killed a man! What they talk about in crime shows, what we all think about!
  Be honest. It's never crossed your mind?
After a while of sitting near his bed and staring at the carpet, I got up and cleaned the steak knife. I ate some leftover pizza, read some stuff on the internet, then showered. I was a bit surprised how life just kept on going. How I wasn't a new person who liked killing. Or was disgusted with herself. I was the
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 0 1
I've woken
   My girlfriend has strange dreams. Nightmares to be exact. I've woken to her screaming. I've woken to her thrashing. I've woken to hearing her fall off the bed.
   Sometimes these dreams get violent. I've woken to her choking me. Smothering me with her pillow. Stabbing me with glasses or a pencil. Punching me in the gut or the jaw.
  Sometimes I wake to find her crying or curled up in the fetal position at the end of the bed. One of us might be bleeding or bruised. She bites herself sometimes
   "Look what I've done," she'll say. She seems so helpless, so alone.
So I do the only thing I can do. I curl myself against her and tell her how much I love her. Until forever ends. Always. No matter what.
       And I have no reason to lie. In her dreams, she's fighting for me  
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 4 9
Back in those moments when you needed me most
  I wasn't there, I couldn't
Back in those years when it seemed impossible
  I was more than that, I couldn't
Back in time
                    Back in my head
                                              And right back to now
:iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 0 0
VIEWWWWW by Omnigloss12 VIEWWWWW :iconomnigloss12:Omnigloss12 3 3
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