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Mon petit chou Fleur

By Omniferious
See what I did there? :icontrollestiaplz: (for the title?)
One of the most notable background ponies from Sweet and Elite.

Thought this pose of hers was funny. :P

... I don't quite like the way her eye turned out.....
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Spy reference from TF2? Wait, is Spy a Brony!?
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that's classified.
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Ooh! would you make me a pony for some points? :D
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I'll give it a shot.
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Sorry for not getting back quickly.. Just to make sure, you wand the base essentially based off of Fluer, right?
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The pony from above. [link]

Or, at least one of her fan given names..
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As I told someone else, I don't know why I'm reminded of 'The Last Unicorn' whenever I see her! XD
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She kind of reminds me of Zelda, F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, for some reason.
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I see what you did there...

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"My Little Cauliflower"?
That's a term of affection in France?!

French are weird...
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I think that's the literal translation... Like lapiz rojo means 'red pencil' but literally translated it means pencil red...
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So then I wonder what the il-literal (that's a word now.) translation is...
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I think it's akin to 'My little darling' or the equivalent to.

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Probably something like that.

xD I'm totally gonna start calling my girlfriend "my little cauliflower" now.
...Once I get a girlfriend, that is...
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Nice design and style you did on the vector here.:)
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