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It’s very rare that I open commissions, but I find myself in need of money, so here we go. Open for a limited time! Feel free to ask questions about anything at all. The only thing that’s changed is that second characters are now $10. Small pets, simple Pokemon with their trainers (not as the main subject), or complicated props are only an extra $5 each. Please, no asking me to just draw the same character multiple times without splitting it into another full commish. All other prices are the same! Remember, adult work is permitted, but will not be publicly posted. I consider fetish art to be adult. Even clean fetish. The rules remain the same, no minors, no animals, no corpses. If it can’t give legal consent, I’m not drawing it. Yes even for the clean fetishes. Anyway, on with the details.
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Health tests are complete and good. The partial up front payment is done. Only one thing remains between me and surgery and that’s to make the tentative date a solid one. In the meantime, it occurred to me that my poor anesthesiologist has their work cut out for them. I have a hypermobility disorder. Some sources say this affects anesthesia. Others say that's not true. Which is it in reality? Who knows, good luck! I am large. This also affects anesthesia, making you need more to go under and then somehow making you more sensitive to it once you’re there? I don’t get that one. Again, good luck. I have a family history, my biological father and grandfather, who both tried to wake up during surgeries. Great. Good luck. Then in the one single previous surgery I had, I did an alarming thing where I woke up as I was supposed to and was perfectly lucid (the attending recovery room nurse was actually quite a bitch to me, I assume because she thought I wouldn’t remember her being so) but
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I am aware that the creators of Poppy Playtime are not exactly unproblematic. I am still doing my cosplay, partly because I’ve already blown money on it and partly because it’s already partially finished. Add to that, I couldn’t really think of anything for this year, then this game came along, and the idea of a ‘wearable puppet’ was great for someone who will probably have surgery before October. I have a certain personality disorder that makes it very difficult for me to be in cosplay and have that much attention drawn to me unless I’m ‘hiding’, hence the full-body, mascot-suit style builds I’ve been doing for years. But due to some health issues and the mentioned surgery, I can’t do that this year. This costume and character lend very well to both hiding and to not putting a lot of physical pressure on my body the way the full builds do. It’s perfect. Except of course, not perfect, because of NFTs and false indie scandals and whatever else is going on over there. If it’s this
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Happy 1st MerMay!

Ha ha, you too!

Thanks for the Llama!

I don’t know if your still doing redraws of old art of yours, but a piece that I’d like to see be done is Exotic Garb the one with Sally, Bunnie, and Amy but maybe add Blaze, Nicole, and Rouge if you don’t mind me asking

I do occasionally do redraws of old art, but I don't draw that much anymore, submitting maybe a few times in a year (in part because I'm looking for a new platform, DA's pretty awful now and it's been discouraging me from making anything.). If I ever feel up to it that's definitely one of the pieces I'd redo. I don't offer guarantees unless you're looking for a commission, though. Sorry!

Okay just thought I’d ask

how ya doing? any new ideas these days? im still working on my projects