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The Didrik font

Ever wished you could write like me? Now you can.
I made this because we're doing a "word and image" unit right now on my BA Illustration course, so I figured it'd be cute to type all my notes and such in a font that's just my own handwriting.
It's not a very good font, mostly because the images I started with were too small so I had to blow them up which made things fairly blocky. I still thinks it looks kinda cool though.

Note to self: Making fonts is right up there with animations when it comes to "boring, tedious, horrible horrible."

Edit: Fixed a few minor issues. :)
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nice text my friend

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Haha, I could just imagine:
Teacher: I told you to TYPE THESE UP.
Student: (teehee) I did...
Thats a really good idea, actually!!
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pretty awesome font ^^
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I used your font on this [link] deviation. Thank you for making the font.
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you no the softwear you can get is it free to download?
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Hey! Used this here: [link]
Hope you like it!
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I like it! I'll use it in my design prep-studies.
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I like it.... I may just use this!
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wow this is great
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DAMN DA NOT SERVING FONTS! ARG! do you have an alternate link by chance? I'd like to play with this. =D
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If you give me your e-mail address I'll send the font to you when I get a chance. :)
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awesome thanks! brentonAT slipabuck dotcom
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Very impressive, creating your own type and all. NICE!
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A friend of mine, attending the same school, does work I believe you might like: ~michelleion Check her out :)

Also, you're cute as hell, post some more photos. ;)
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Thanks for the link!

pictures of me are completely fabricated I'm just a figment of your imagination..... :giggle:
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Oh, I don't mind so much if they're fabricated, imaginary, illusionary, or anything else...I just want to see some more. :D
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I've always wanted to do something like that with my handwriting so that while I'm chatting on line it has the effect as if I wrote it... which to me seems preatty awesome ^^ Neat that you did something like this... I really like it! ~Neko
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Cool... Don't suppose you want to make a font of my handwriting?? ;)
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whoa cool! how does one actually make fonts? o.0 can you make these fonts???

Maria Jim
Motorcycle Leather Suit Manufacturers
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i posted the original comment 6 years ago...
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