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A secluded forest in the middle of the night
Dandelion seeds drifted by breeze flowing 'long
Lit by a moon shining bright
And in the air, a song

She flipped and spun
Never touching the ground
Gracefully dancing at the speed of a run
Emitting a sensational sound

Turquoise hair tied up in a bow
A flower on the left, balanced just so
Matching her skin, rosy pink
Sitting naked by the water, a place she can think

She dreams a peaceful dream
And looks up at the night sky
A thing brushes at her legs
'Probably just a leaf floating by'

When it happened again
She peered down into the water
A fish's kiss had got her
And he spoke, then

"I heard your song and stopped to listen
That is a wonderful voice you've been given
The kiss is for me to show my thanks
Before I'm off again along the river banks

I've been swimming the river for days
Up and down as it splits many ways
What's at the end? It gets to me
This never-ending curiousity"

"I've wondered too"
The girl did say
"What's at the end of it all?
I hope you return one day"

"I certainly will, if you can do for me one thing
Return to this riverside, as often as you can
And if you see any other salmon
Sing, sing, sing.
Story based on Kiss My Toes by :iconitsmikuru:. Revised again, by my own choice, based on the thoughts of a commenter. The premise of the story changed between revisions, and I wanted to bring back the original idea. However, I didn't want to write a third version of the story, or try to rework the original in a different direction, so the form of this one changed to poetry. It's been a while since I wrote this stuff, so go a little easier on me!

As always, comments/critiques are very welcomed and enjoyed, as well as favouriting :)

(If anyone knows how to center text in a deviation, please let me know!)
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November 22, 2010
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