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A secluded forest,
in the middle of night.
Breeze flowing strong,
moon shining bright
and in the air, a song.

She flipped and spun,
never touching the ground,
Gracefully dancing,
her equal: none.

Turquoise hair tied up in a bow.
A flower on the left,
balanced just so.
It matches her skin,
rosy pink.
She sits by the river:
a place she can think.

She lays down on her back
and looks up at the sky
Something brushes her leg
with a smack.
"Probably a leaf, floating by."

When it happens again
She peers down into the river
and what she saw then
caused her to shiver.

It was a new animal,
one she'd not seen before.
Something she'd not thought possible:
he lived off the shore.

"What are you?" she asked
as she looked at his eyes,
like glass.
"I'm a fish", he said
and flicked his tail with a swish.

"I heard your song
and stopped to listen.
That 's a wonderful voice
that you've been given."

He brushed her once more,
his lips on her leg.
What was he doing?
She had to beg.

"It's a kiss, from me,
to show my thanks,
before I'm off again
along the river banks."

She dove in the water,
and went for a swim.
She tried it out,
a kiss for him.

He jumped in the air,
as high as the trees.
No sight could compare
to that of the ease
with which his body shot up
and flipped three-sixty degrees.

"I've been swimming for days,
I miss my friends.
It's too hard to reverse
against the water's raging course.
And the river splits many ways,
I feel like it never ends.

But meeting you has given me hope
I'm no longer headed down
a miserable slope.
Now I can keep going,
and get to the end.
And the water is flowing,
I must be on my way, my friend."

"I hope one day you'll return
and tell me what you learn:
What's at the end of a forest,
and what's it like to be kissed."

"I certainly will,
if you can promise this:
If you see another salmon
give him a kiss."
Based on the picture Kiss My Toes by :iconitsmikuru:. I've done a handful of revisions on this story and I think it will be cool to look at all the iterations. This is a re-working of the poetry version, to make it match up with the new, original, revision, and to make it into a better style.

It will eventually be one of the stories in "Amfibians and Reptlies" my short story collection about fictional water-animals. :D
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November 10, 2011
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