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Atlazul lit the lamps with his torch as he walked down the spiral stone staircase. Not that the seven disciples behind him could see anyways with their eyes covered in sacred cloth, but he felt it added to the magic of the ritual. The first disciple held his hand, and the disciple behind him held the first's, as they formed a long chain. They were nearing the ritual room. Atlazul could tell because the air was changing. It was cold, and smelled like mold and moss. When they had all entered the room, Atlazul slammed the door shut for effect and watched as shivers crawled up the disciples' spines. He uncovered their eyes and told them to sit down. There were seven granite seats arranged in a semi-circle. In front of them was a perfectly smooth and flat wall. Atlazul stood to one side and pulled out his wand. He waved it at the projector in the back of the room, and an image was display on the wall. As soon as the disciples saw it, they bowed their heads in reverence. It was a man's face, squarish with round edges. His hair was thin and brown, and it was brushed back but it defied the brushing and pushed up wildly. He had a towel draped around his shoulders which was tied together in the front large plastic clip.
"Listen closely, to the story of the awakening of the first High-Priest Warlock and leader of the Vatican Assassins, Charlie Sheen." He waited as the disciples recited the chant that always came after the mention of their leader's name: Love with violence and hate with violence.
"In the beginning days, the Odyssey lived a simple life. He entertained families around the world with his comedy, and in return asked for only a paltry sum. But he yearned for more, for a more important life. He watched, helpless, as his friends and loved ones were abused by the tyrant Earthworm, Chuck Lorre. Everything changed one night, when he, our glorious leader, came into contact with the power substance. After a weekend spent ingesting the substance, and surrounded by the love and compassion of his future goddesses, the strength that sat latent in the Warlock was unleashed. Using his renown as a master of the stage, he gave us the wisdom and teachings we work from today. However, his knowledge was too advanced for some. They feared the power he now held, and they did their best to defame him. Ultimately, the troll army of the Earthworm was victorious, and the Warlock was knocked off his pedestal." Atlazul paused and hung his head in sympathy, as did all of the disciples.
"But his teachings survive. We know the truth. We know the power of the Warlock, and we will always be winning!" At Atlazul's mention, the disciples rose from their seat and began the dance. The lead disciple shouted first.
"Winning over here!" The other disciples and Atlazul pointed at him and sang the response.
"Winning over there!"
"Winning everywhere!" said everyone at once. The song and dance continued until each new disciple had a chance to be winning, and when everything was said and done, they were all initiated into the Vatican Assasins.
Prose Prompt 1: Create a legend, myth, or fairytale about falling stars.

Done for :icontikamifirebird:'s Improve Your Writing Contest. The prompt was to write a fictional story about falling stars. I had a couple of ideas at first but they were all so traditional and cliche, so I decided to go with a different take on a "falling star", one that is less literal.
This is a comedy piece about Charlie Sheen. He was once the highest paid actor on television, making $2 million per episode. Then in a cocaine induced frenzy he destroyed his career in about a week. So he's a fallen TV star. :)
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