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Life lessons from pokemon: In life, if you don't struggle, then you are coasting. It's in the times when we have trouble that we find places to improve.
The picture is a reference to the useless pokemon Magikarp. It only had one ability that could be used 15 (edit:40!) times; after that it defaulted to the move "struggle" which hit itself for a good chunk of damage too. But no matter how much he sucked, or injured himself, he kept trying, and one day, became an awesome laser-beam-spitting death-eel.

There are more posters!
Pokemon Life Lessons Series

Update: There are no more shirts. I contacted TPCI and they said they are currently sending out a lot of notices (part of a push to make their own merchandise/apps/etc.) so I've taken them off the store myself early.

The Magikarp and Gyarados are the pixel versions so they should be copyright to Pokemon, but I got them off the Pokemon wiki and
The font was from here: [link]
Major thanks go to :iconthelegendofage:. Our conversation led to this idea, and the words are almost exactly something he said.
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Please, I hope I don't offend anyone with my critique!! And so, first off, I'd like to commend you on this wonderful poster that speaks very powerful to all those who recognize the Pokemon series!! The powerful words, images and insinuations in this piece speaks for itself, that 'If you don't struggle, you don't improve'.

Personally, I have not seen a Motivational quite like this, so I speak for myself when I commend you on the originality and ingenuity of this piece. Though, I'd like to suggest that you use more means to display these Pokemon, other than merely taking them off the Pokemon Wiki and editing them. And also, the background color, blue, strikes me as an odd choice, seeing as the Gyarados is also blue and so, the background does not completely provide a contrast to the images. But, we'll manage!

Still, I have to commend you for your imagination in creating this piece! The font of this piece, I have to add, compliments this piece perfectly, seeing as Pokemon is a game and you have used a gaming styled font. But the thing that, again, impacted many of us the most in this piece is the message.

The message that if you don't struggle, you won't grow just hits many of us right in there! And again, coupled by the fact that you used THE Magikarp as an example, you've connected with so many people through the use of Pokemon.

So, bravo on this pure genius piece! Overall, it really is a wonderful piece and words to remember in the struggles of life! Good job!!
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Not offended at all, in fact I'm very pleased! I absolutely love everyone who has favourited or liked this piece; it is such a powerful and simple message I just want more people to hear it.

I've put out an open call for anyone who wants to redraw the sprites, in their own style or just a different pixel version than the basic game, and I'd be happy to change it or post a new one. Drawing is just out of my league, I'm a designer. The blue background is exactly one of the colors of Gyarados, on purpose: less colors for better printing. And less colors overall (blue and orange are complements so adding in a third color would throw things out of whack a bit.)

Thank you very much for the critique, and the things you said in it! To quote you, they are words to remember in the struggles of life. I'm just excited so many people can see those words and hopefully it will help them!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

There are many great things about this photo and also some bad... The Border is great but simple and matches the style, The Magikarp looks a little dated where is the Gyarados looks much newer (that may have been the style you were going for not 100% sure)...

What really makes this photo is the quote and I like that, very good quote. Your quote is aplicable to almost everyones lives and hey even mine, it's a very true and really has a large impact. Great job on that <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>...

Other than that great photo, great job and keep up the amazing work...
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That was the style I was going for, it makes the improvement that much more obvious. I thought about using the black and white Magikarp too but it just didn't look right.

The quote really is the center of it all, the picture was an afterthought but it fit so dang well! I think that's the beauty of it, that it's applicable to such a wide audience. We all struggle and it's important to know other people are struggling too, but you can eventually be a Gyarados! I think that's the lesson, right? :D

Thank you very much! I'll do my best :) I have ideas for other posters but I'm not sure I can top or even match this!
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Lol thanks, keep up the great work!
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I really like the message this sends out! Would it be okay if I made a print out of this myself for personal use? I didn't see an option for prints anywhere, probably due to the copyright laws you mentioned.
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Yes please, go ahead and print it! and send me a photo of where you put it up, if you want

Hey dude would it be ok if I use this to inspire my bookmark? If you agree to me selling them of course I'll send you some commission xx 
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All I ever did was let magikarp leech exp by putting him first then switching out with other pokemon meow.
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I honestly find this so amazing; what a wonderful analogy
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This or Pokemon steroids.
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I meant to say, Like Nintendo, Wii U sales don't improve if they don't struggle. Sometimes, you just got to struggle in order to improve the sales of your new console.
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Like Nintendo, they can't improve if they don't struggle.
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This is the most clever, cute and well touching thing I've seen expesualy of pokemon related that I've seen in a while. I love it and wish I had more things to express just how much but all I have is awe so that'll have to do. I hope there will be a print of this someday.
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Wow, thank you, I really appreciate that! Kind words always make me so happy inside. Every once in a while I look for artists to draw the copyright pixels and re-release it as a real print, but no one ever seems that interested :(
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So trrue. Their is always room to get better no ones perfect you can always improve and sometimes their will be struggle to improve what you are pratcing though will forever big me that gyardos is water/flying type not water/dragon type.
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better use my rare candy 
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This is so awesome, I love it. I just started my soul silver agian and this is my first game where I have a magikarp in my team! It barely learned tackle a few days ago. Keep fighting on, you're almost there!
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Lol, this is so funny. xD Everyone always looks down on the Magikarp... until it evolves. xD
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Yeah... No one ever used struggle to train a Magicarp (well i didn't). Most used ExpAll or ExpShare in later generations that or rare candy (cheated in or otherwise).
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I used struggle, that's why I put it there xP
8 year old me didn't know there was a better way lol
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Yeah, but you have to admit it dilutes the message a little. (I mean you still have that "even the most useless can become strong")
Well at least ExpShare can be spun in to a great message.
Rare candies though; "Remember there is a shortcut for everything!"
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But at a limited supply, so use them wisely. If there are only 20ish in a game, do you want to use them all on Magikarp, or on getting from level 80 to 100?
I think it's a pretty good metaphor for using your time wisely :)
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