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"And what's that one called?"
"That's a cow, darling. They give us all kinds of food." Gerald replied.
"And what are those cute little fluffy ones!"
"That's a sheep..." said Gerald, but before his wise words could reach the youthful blonde's ears, she had run towards the fence, leaning over it to reach at the sheep, almost tumbling face-forward over the barrier.
Gerald unfurled his hands from behind his back, and slowed his already-turtle-like pace to a stop. His gnarled right hand fidgeted with a soft golden ring that surrounded a finger of his left hand. It rotated smoothly around, having engraved a ridge into his finger many years ago. He let his eyelids fall, and then he thought thoughts.
A sound not unlike that of a girl in heels trudging through mud reached him and he opened his eyes. The girl was there, her pink (or was it white? or purple? He could never quite decide.) dress had been covered in a layer of deep brown mud, that matched the vest he had given her. She had broken one of her heeled shoes and fallen right in front of the old man. She looked up at him, however, and smiled a very large smile, all her worries gone.
Her blue eyes pierced him, the same color as his deceased wife's, and he looked away from her. In an instant, she was on her feet, standing behind the man. Even without his hunch, she stood an entire head taller than he, and so bent down while asking "What are you looking at?" In his view lay his wife's old tailoring building and he used it as an excuse.
When he opened the door and cracked the seal on a room that hadn't been opened in a decade, he regretted his hasty response. Dust had refused to settle on the silky sheets of fabric, and the frills that lay all around. In her usual way, Kirei burst into the room, looking at each thing for a fraction of a second before looking at the next. Gerald walked around, oblivious to her freneticism, as he ran his fingers slowly along each object: the sewing machine, spools of thread, scissors worn by her hands. A piece of lilac fabric, about the length of Gerald's arm-span, lay with one end still draped by the scissor's blade. He picked it up, touching it, holding it, feeling it. Kirei had calmed down now after exploring this new place and watched as he touched it. He felt her gaze on his hands, and he motioned with them for her to come close. He tied the fabric around her hair and fashioned it into a bow. She lifted her heels and dropped them a few times, watching the bow bounce up and down as she looked into a mirror.
He began to cry, and she looked over at him, deadly serious, and dropped into a defensive stance, quickly scanning the entrances to the room. All the fun drained from her, her nerves stood on end, and she jumped towards him in defense. When he didn't react, she whispered over her shoulder "What's wrong, are you hurt?"
"Nothing's wrong dear, it's just... you remind me so much of her. Arturis warned me it might be hard, having someone... like you... here again, but I wanted to help, and I know Talisa would have accepted his proposition in a heartbeat. I think, secretly and selfishly, I wanted to feel her presence again, but it's come back like a flood, overwhelming. I'll be fine, darling... I'll see you in the house for dinner, go run and see the animals again."
She walked out slowly, wanting to heal his soul but knowing that was a power she didn't possess, not yet. She wasn't sure if it was even possible, but what good was healing a person's physical wounds if the emotional ones ate them away from inside?
This is sort of a first draft, it may end up as part of a larger story, or at least re-worked and made longer. Kirei is an angel, the main character of the webcomic Liora: Song Of Alcia created by myself and :iconitsmikuru:. As part of her training, she was sent down to earth while she was still quite young and curious.

As always, comments/critiques are very welcomed and enjoyed, as well as favouriting :)
Ayjun-invayjun Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I must say, you've got a way with words, that's some great writing
That character is bloody adorable too
Ommin202 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you :) I wish I had the motivation to write more, nice compliments definitely help that. The art is done by my friend :iconitsmikuru:, she does a lot of other great art, and we (sometimes) work on a comic with that character in it, you should check out her work :)
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