Oh Crap, Summer's Here.

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Summer's almost here and I haven't started on my stuff yet. >_<

I'm changing my competition piece to Yun Fang again because I have a group I'm competing with now. ^w^ I'm redoing parts of her Sari, her boots and parts of the lance, if not all of the lance. 

For other days I'm going as Anges Oblige wa(www.videogamesartwork.com/site…) and Fem!germany (25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8k…)

Progress on Fang: 
Sari: Completed
Wig: Restyled
Black Tank Top: Still needs to be cut
Arm Warmers: Done
Leggings: Obtained
Boots: Making Pattern now
Jewelry: Done
Lance: It is made, but I'm redoing it
Make-up: I'm figuring out how to do it myself again
Bands and Braces: Ugh. May have to redo.
Tattoos: Need to obtain

Progress on Anges:
Fabric: Obtained
Dress: Not started
Boots: Not started
Wig: Not obtained

Progress on fem!Germany:
Wig/Hair: Not completely blonde yet. Still need to get it cut.
Black tank top: Obtained
Trench coat: Need to dye
Pants: Yiiiiis.
Boots: Yiiiiis.

Cons I'm going to this summer:
San Japan!
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