Cosplay and San Japan Samurai Seven~

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Countdown: 23 Days

Cosplay Lineup:
Friday: morning-Fem!Germany/evening-Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Saturday: all day/contest: Agnes Oblige (Bravely Default Concept Art)
Sunday: modern final fantasy photoshoot-Modern!Fang/rest of the day- regular clothes for the drive home

Traveling with:
Kaci, Taylor, Drew and grandmother

Meeting up with:
Brianna (:iconbewitchedcosplay:) and Ashley (:iconluaradawn:)

Cosplay Progress: 60% done
Coat: Still have to dye
Pants: Have
Shirt: Have 
Boots: Have
Hat: Need to make

  Isabelle: 20% done
Wig: Still need to style
Vest: Need
Shirt: Need
Skirt: Need
Tights: Need
Tail/Ears: Need to make

  Agnes Oblige: 20% done
Dress: 40% done
Boots: Need Materials
Gloves: Need materials
Staff: Need materials
Wig: Have and styled
Necklace: Need to make

  Modern!Fang: 85% done
Shirt: Need to alter
Pants: Have
Boots: Have
Wig: Have
Jewelry: Have
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