2014-2015 Cosplans

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So! I'm sorry for not being as active as I should be. I was working on my Agnes Oblige cosplay and it was frantic. What's funny is that I was supposed to be working on my watercolor painting techniques, but I ended up working on nothing but sewing- and now I've ended up with better sewing techniques and I feel like I can take on much more than I have in the past. 

Cosplays for 2014-2015 
Riza Hawkeye 
    I'm rebooting this one so that it has the jacket, correct holster and BETTER PANTS. I recently pulled out the first attempt and I was surprised that I actually put that through competition. I'm really glad I'm working it on it again. 

Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss
    I found my Isabelle wig and I put it on aaaaand... It looks so much better as a Krista wig rather than an Isabella and Krista is just so cute!

Katara as the Painted Lady
    My competition piece. ^w^ However, I'm entering San Japan's skit contest instead next year, and I can't share any other info about it just yet.  

Mami Tamoe
    Yup. Doing this with my sister and a few others for a Madoka Magica cosplay group. ^w^

    Annie Leonhardt
        This cosplay is the original reason why I am starting a quidditch team, so that I can finally get some physical activity in my life and whatnot. I adore her as a character, and I feel like by the end of the year, I'd be able to properly cosplay her. 

    Thief or Monk Agnes Oblige
            I found a Tiz cosplayer that I really want to cosplay with and he was so excited to have the possibility to cosplay with him. I'm still trying to decide which one I'll do. 
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