Sometimes and Perhaps

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By Omlyt
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We're all hiding
For this storm to pass
It's raining ticking time bombs and there's not a clock
To be seen or to be stopped

You're all waiting for me to explode
To snap
To go off the deep end
and i'm just as   s c a r e d   as you.
  But you're too late to be worried
  And it is far too late for me to be frightened.

We watch as devastation
Wreak havoc my mind and
Tear the other souls to tiny little pieces
That form shattered glass on the ground
a mess to be swept up and away
And we look away from this as we cut our hands
On the shards. . .
on the weaker voices that were once the conscience.

i'm fine.
i'm sorry, i'll leave you alone.

We're helpless to these things
These hurricanes of raw emotion that sweep us off our feet.
No matter how strong we seem
And  s o m e t i m e s  everything comes crashing down. . .

But  s o m e t i m e s  isn't now.
s o m e t i m e s  can wait another day.
Just a little something I wrote. 
Do remind yourself that what the author writes may not necessarily be something that they feel or be their point of view. Although I will say nothing on my point of view or inspiration for this piece, I would like you to remember that (it is also a good thing to remember when analyzing poetry- just a thought and it might save you a grade in school. ^w^)

But goodness- this is definitely kinda depressing-ish, huh? Sorry (not really, but hey, if I brought you down, there are happy thingies on this site. ^w^). 

I do not wish to see my works on other sites. If you want to use the wording in which I used in a document or whatever, leave a comment of where you used it and make sure to give credit back to me. 

I might write a story or something based on this poem. *shrugs* Maybe. 
© 2014 - 2020 Omlyt
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