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Princess Venus

By omisgirl
This is a piece I did for She had submitted a few venus pieces herself to her gallery and I thought I'd draw her something because I was inspired to draw Sailor Moon characters again lol.

Combination of Hand drawing, Illustrator, and Photoshop to make this image.
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© 2005 - 2021 omisgirl
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Cute very pretty!
19oo19's avatar
this will look great as a tatto. like on the back.
iboughtheradrink's avatar
I was always a fan of this style of art. Almost like it was assembled with cut-out pieces of brightly colored paper.
pyrama's avatar
oh wow I LOVE it
Elzera's avatar
ofLoveandBeauty's avatar
i lov it its so pop art looking- :D very lovely
xPrincessxSerenityx's avatar
OMW! I love all your princesses. I also love the style. Very original. It would be kool if you did it for all the sailor princesses. (hint hint, cough cough) lol. only jokin, but it would be kool. They are all going to my favs. ;)
omisgirl's avatar
I planned on it :) I've just been swamped and haven't had the inspiration to make the others :/
SangoWings333's avatar
This is so pretty.O.O
NoraDora's avatar
iVenus! :XD: I love those kind of blendings
keiross's avatar
That is so stylish.

The vector is lovely and the colour scheme is really cool and fresh.

omisgirl's avatar
Thank you! :3 I love your works too :hug:
swordbunny4486's avatar
i meant wow, not woq...
swordbunny4486's avatar
woq that is very nice!
rAiNe-cLoWd's avatar
this is really nice ^.^
Kakurell's avatar
I love the movement to it. Such grace ^^
ochiba-chan's avatar
I saw this at Ochiba.Net and have yet to gush... I hope you do the entire series!! Do Sailor Moon in rainbow please!!!
omisgirl's avatar
heh, I'll do one of her in Rainbow just for you ^_^...and I do plan on doing the whole series....though I think I'm going to stick to just the 10 senshi (including the two Usagis :p ) for now....*nibble*
endisforever818's avatar
This is very cute, sorta reminds me of the Ipod commercials, sailormoon style.
Very cool idea, a unique way to put the characters thats not just a blatant pretty face of them.
Good work!
the-pink-angel's avatar
My love for you at this moment knows no bounds, and I am your eternal slave :heart: x 1000000000

THANK YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :love:
omisgirl's avatar
I'm glad you like it ^_^. *pulls out her whip*
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