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Browbird MYO Entry: Shi by OMGProductions Browbird MYO Entry: Shi by OMGProductions
Oh man I love this little guy! I'm excited to start drawing the little doodles of him <3

Shi Vika
Nickname: Hey you!, Little Birb [For closer friends], Sui
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Height/Weight: 4'3"/80 LB
Age: Young Adult


Species Traits
Type: Standard
Magic: Water/Wood
Crest: Flame
Horns: Nubs
Tail: Short Wisp
Eyes: Standard Eyes
Ears: Soft Ears
Additional Fluff: Neck and Arm Fluff

+ Creative | + Caring | + Adventurous | - Cry baby | - Pestimistic | = Critic | = Perfectionist | =Shy

Shi is an extremely introverted wandering artist. However, he feels most at home when visiting the various unpopulated areas the spacial seas provides. He is a huge critic and perfectionist, and cries every time he finishes a painting because he feels like it can be better. It is extremely rare for him to love something that he paints. The worse part of his travels is selling his artwork. Shi covers his face, believes that his paintings won't sell, and always has a little jolt when someone speaks to him. He'll stutter every time and it kind of scares people away. Although he is scared of other browbirds, he enjoys company from other creatures within the world.


Shi doesn't have the best memory about his little browbird self, but was always the quiet one within his flock of merchants. He would just sit at the corner and draw on the dirt, sand, grass, or whatever materials he could gather of the different locations his group moved. That's all the he remembers because his head is just filled with what is wrong in his paintings and how he isn't able to capture the beauty of nature perfectly.

Fun Facts:
-He uses his tears some times to create his paint if there is no viable water source nearby
-Although Shi carries his giant paint brush around, his favourite are the small detail brushes because he loves little details.
-If someone was to try to talk to him, he'll meep and try to get away. If they keep following, he'll start crying and runs. There is no fight or flight. Just flight.
-Some say that he started out wiping his tears on the canvas to manipulate the image, but they don't know he still does.
-If you're quiet enough at night and hear the soft weeping, you might just find Sui painting.

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Browbirds are a closed species by AgentCorrina 

Limesparrow Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what a tiny cutie omg <3
OMGProductions Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you <3
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