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IMVU hair textures with GIMP

By omgitzkane
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this is my 1st tutorial. i figured a way to do hair textures for IMVU with GIMP. all the other tuts i tried to do this didnt work one way or the other. so i thought i'd share :)
i'm quixotickane at imvu
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very cool. hope this helped :)
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I have been looking for something like this thanks so much
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so glad this tut is still helping folks. please feel free to add me on IMVU - quixotickane :)
thx good wotk
darlinjamie's avatar
Thank you. I'll test this out most definatly. I love making hair on IMVU but never tried this way.
sympatheticghost's avatar
This looks a lot more simpler then the other tutorial I found. I'm going to try this soon.
BeautifulMonsterr's avatar
This helped alot! :D now my hair doesn't look horrible! This was so easy to understand! :D
TripleTea's avatar
This was very helpful. (:
Thank you for making it.
GhostShow's avatar
Thank you so much!
xShugoShugoChanx's avatar
thanks ^^ I'll remember this -faves-
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Awesome! This tutorial was easy reading and easy to understand! (I have IMVU and I am supposed to be a
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Which soft brush do you use? Can't figure it out :S But I love this tutorial!
omgitzkane's avatar
i just used one of the circle brushes that looks a little fuzzy that comes with GIMP.
sorry for the late response, i havent been checking my feedback in a long time
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i'm pretty sure u didnt make it. wasnt that taken off of a fourm?
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i just saw your comment...3 years later, wow. but yes i did make this and at the time there were no other tutorials for GIMP on IMVU hair. and i do have it posted on the IMVU forum :
date posted:
Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:08 am
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holy crap hahahahhaa i'm sorry. ignore that comment.. xD i was really... immature 3 years ago
Thanks!!! You're a great help!
thnx so much!! good job!! ive been tryin to figure this out for weeks!! but i need help on how to apply it to your avatars head. Like in this picture: [link]
omgitzkane's avatar
not sure how to do that, you need a different kind of tutorial. this one is for those that do developing on IMVU
omgitzkane's avatar
no prob, glad you liked :)
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Awesome! thanks =P
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