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Clearlooks for Vista

Ubuntu Clearlooks inspired visual style for Windows Vista.

Now with matching details pane.
Removed user picture in start menu.
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A wonderful theme! Designed perfectly. Well done!
im using vista starter.. will it work? need help.. tnx..
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Is there any chance that you port this theme to Seven ? By the way, great theme ^^
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Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

I dont know if you'll ever read this or care but I like your theme but it still does have some problems. The biggest being that it doesnt support a virtical taskbar.

Which is a pretty simple fix, just just need to use the same source files as the horizontal taskbar and it'll look fine. Right now a virtical taskbar looks very dark black and is unuseable.
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Sorry, I'd love to fix it but I just don't have the time nor the motivation anymore. I no longer have any of the resources or the knowledge to do it either. It would take too long to completely relearn all the resources and would be pointless as it's for an obsolete operating system anyway. If you want to fix it yourself, feel free to do so.
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Excellent port. A subtle dropshadow effect would be lovely, but it looks fine the way it is. Good job!
y not just use ubuntu.
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Some people just has either shit internet or just can't afford an Ubuntu disc.
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Great theme ! +fav
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I know everyone else is saying this, but this would be a LOT better if you replaced the Ubuntu logo with a Windows flag; since:

1) This is Windows, not Ubuntu.
2) I personally hate Ubuntu.
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I'll definitely change my theme because you personally hate Ubuntu.
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I hate the windows flag. Keep it like this :D
Mmm nice theme... But, I had to say I would like to see some transparency...
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465GB of documents? You wish. We know that's your porn stash. :D

Great release. :nod:
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How do I installed this? I know this question has been asked multiple times, but I am having trouble installing it... :[
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How do i install this?
Sorry this is the [link]
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Have you patched your uxtheme dlls?
How come that when I install this skin, it almost looks like a light Windows Classic?
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