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Sopping by Shiori500, literature

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“And I’m telling you that I’m good to work!’ Eponine exclaimed. Enjolras sighed. “And I’m telling you for the sixth time today that no, you can’t come back to work early.” He stated as he started walking around from the front desk of the station. “It’s only three days early Enj. I don’t think it’ll kill me.” Eponine threw back as she started following him around. She and another firefighter had been injured a few weeks back during a call. Due to protocol, she had been forced to stay at home after she got out of the hospital to recover. Now with only three days lef
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Black Magic

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Eponine never believed in hope or any of that kind of bullcrap. However, she did believe in magic. She know, she knows. She knows that it’s silly for a full grown 24-year-old woman to believe in magic. She knows it more common for 24-year-olds to believe in hope rather than magic but part of her just can’t help it. She was forced to grow up too fast too young. She thought that if she hoped enough, someone would come and save her. No one did, no one ever did. After a just a year of hoping every night that someone would come to her aid and resuce her, she began to lose hope over the years until there was none left. Magic however, al
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Chapter 1 Her Life At first Eponine Theardier barely had anywhere to stay and anytime to herself. She had a job at The Cafe Musain and a job at a bookstore while attending college and fighting to get full custody of her siblings. She had a very small, rundown apartment on the outskirts of Paris and would get up at five in the morning to get ready for her school in order to walk the entire five mile trek to school which is on the middle/other side of Paris. Once she got done with her arts and music lectures she would head to her shift at the Musain which thankfully was only a mile and a half away and her shift lasted from twelve to six. Then s
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Ummm... Thanks for the fav. But I hope you know that I only translated that webcomic. ^^;
Oh yeah I already knew that I just like how it was in color and everything and I know that Pika created GND.... I watched (still watch) it on youtube before I came on here so yeah.