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Ariston Concept Art Ref Sheet - Conquering Tide
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Published: August 2, 2012
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Name: Ariston
Gender: Stallion
Age: Youngster
Height: 15.1 hh
Breed Conformation was based on: Australian Stock Horse
Coat Colour: Dappled warm mahogany Bay
Eye Colour: Deep Brown
Face Markings: Small star
Other Markings: 2 socks, 1 pastern, 1 white heel
Herd: Celestial
Power/Energy/Ability: TBD

Ariston is very sweet, timid, shy but very loving. He hasn't changed much since he was a foal. He spends most of his time with his best friend Venus, although as he matured he's realised that he actually has very strong feelings for her...but of course he'll never admit it, he's far too nervous.
Ariston sticks rigidly to the rules. This doesn't mean that his friends agree with this, they drag him along on their adventures regardless of how strongly he opposes to breaking the rules. He tends to not like surprises, he'd rather be completely prepared and have his whole day planned out, knowing what to expect.
He's also extremely honest, if an unbiased and completely truthful account of a story or event is needed, Ariston is the first horse any herd member will ask. This can result in him getting himself and his friends into trouble.
Ariston can also tend to be quite emotional. He gets very attached to objects, or certain horses, and being without them can sometimes leave him a little distressed. but deep down, he can be a very strong horse. He will fight for those he loves with his life, without question. He is truly altruistic.
Everybody loves Ariston, how could you not like such a sweet young stallion?

Other info: Ariston was named an Ancient Greek philosopher.
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TobyandMavisforeverStudent General Artist
I do wonder what his powers are going to be, you've decided on the other colts and Venus and Gaia. I'd feel he'd have something like high intelligence, kinda like Mordin. But it's your call.
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derp8675309Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Ariston! HE's SO CUTE!
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arabgal55Hobbyist General Artist
Omg!!!! Ariston is my favorite ad all the Conquering Tide series!!!
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SandyMewMewStudent General Artist
I love areatson(sorry about spelling) he reminds me of my pony portly haha your awesome Amy 
SandyMewMew's avatar
SandyMewMewStudent General Artist
Except being good all the time e is not like my pony at allXD
Feather-Frost-Stable's avatar
I always thought he was a girl...
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I love love love your work!!!!

Mickyandz's avatar
OMG!!!!! i am a big fan of conquering tide series!!!
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horse-crazytwHobbyist General Artist
How did you make these???? I really want to know!!!!! It's sooooo cool!!!!
blueribbon9999's avatar
blueribbon9999Hobbyist General Artist
Ariston actually looks like the horse I'm leasing right now (except my boy's a TB lol) I love this so much!!! You just create the most amazing artwork :)
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AppaloosaPalooza General Artist
Ariston Is so ADORABLE!
skylandofhowrse's avatar
skylandofhowrseHobbyist Photographer
my second fav charracter after Loki of course
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binkytehninjaStudent General Artist
I just ordered my Ariston model!!! I can't wait for him to arrive, he is so sweet. :)
MoonShine-Unicorn's avatar
MoonShine-UnicornHobbyist Photographer
Ariston is just so dang cute!
Stablematelover45's avatar
Stablematelover45Hobbyist General Artist
Naww he's so adorable!I've been studing horses are probley eight years and your work is wayyy better than what I could ever do!
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LazyHcustomtackHobbyist General Artist
WOW! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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53Charmed1Student General Artist
Sadly, I cannot see this poor boy without thinking "Smell my face" from the bloopers of Young Innocence. XD He's such a lovely sweetheart, though. :D
Giraffe-Wiggle's avatar
Giraffe-WiggleHobbyist Digital Artist
Daaw, what a precious little behbeh! *snuggles the adorable horsie* I love your work! I have to say, he is definitely my favorite! =3 Great job CMM!!
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CMM? Would you be willing to watch my first ep. of my new series. I am filming the last few scenes in the next few days.
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SingingWolffHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful :)
P.S.: What does TBD means? ;)
OMG-Chibi's avatar
OMG-ChibiProfessional General Artist
Thank you.
TBD = To Be Decided
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horsesarethebest123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!=D
OMG-Chibi's avatar
OMG-ChibiProfessional General Artist
He hasn't got a particularly unusual colour compared to the other main characters, but I love Ariston's simplicity.
horsesarethebest123's avatar
horsesarethebest123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thats ok=D
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