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Car Icons Project

By omercetin
This work is customer projects. not download available!
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FicticiousAnimation's avatar
THis is awesome. ^^

No download available. You should get rid of the "download image" button. >.>
CMWVisualArts's avatar
Actually, he means you can't get the PSD files that make the icons usable in a variety of sizes. You could do all the editing you want, you won't get the HD large icons versions.
MarkTheGr8's avatar
Yep, because you can't right-click the image and save as...

That download isn't available, I believe he means the cars without a background, as to not encourage people to use them without permission.
FicticiousAnimation's avatar
*Uses magic wand tool*
No background... >.>
MarkTheGr8's avatar
That'd be bad looking icons.

But I didn't say it's not possible to get access to them, I'm saying he doesn't encourage people to do it. And as iKill-Animation said, you do not have access to HD versions of them. If you try to increase their size, that too would result in bad looking icons.
FicticiousAnimation's avatar
Actually the icons would look great.
To size them you scale them and keep aspect ratio, then use a slight gaussian blur, then sharpen it again. It will be almost perfect.
MarkTheGr8's avatar
Gaussian blur -> sharpen doesn't make it perfect. Not even that close. Nothing you could call HQ.
FicticiousAnimation's avatar
You're right. A good debate indeed, but you win. :iconhandshakeplz:
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HondaCivics's avatar
What is it for?
Not that it matters, lol
I like :3
DJ0Hybrid's avatar
Coupe and convertible?

Anyways, they look rather nice.
lnfinityArts's avatar
This would be useful to big transportation companies and for road signs
Nakwada's avatar
Awesome, I like it !
You should create an icon pack ;]
SuperAimster's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :heart:
wolfyLRiina's avatar
package delivery xD Really nice icons :)
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Gayet Hoşlar (.
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