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Amplifier Music Player Icons


Inspiration: [link]
Background Photo ( Kerry King - Slayer ): [link]

Download Available
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Beautiful! ... Can you do one for MainStage? ;)
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B e a u t i f u l !!!
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Kerry Fucking King!
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I like this a lot.


While you’ve made a very good choice of font for iTunes, I think you could improve the “logo” by kerning the letters so that the tails of the “e” & “s” overlap seamlessly.

Alternatively, you might replace the word altogether with just a “♫”.
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very nice indeed
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GREAT WORK!!! :donut: :donut: :donut:

But could you provide an icon for Banshee (the original logo can be fouind here: [link] )

Thanks in advance
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Your work is amazing. I wish I had that talent. very nice.
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awesome, thanks for sharing =)
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ur welcome. thank u
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Hey, would you upload JUST the amp (withous the itunes text)? So I can use it for Amplitube and Guitar Rig :D
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Can you make an icon for foobar?
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Nice work dude. Perhaps you could embellish the 'itunes' part a little :

The 'e - s' ligature seems a little off.
I think you chose the typeface on purpose, Lucida grande was not sexy enough ?

Other than that, it's all good to me.
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Awesome, 512px icon!

:heart: Featured on Pirates Chest :heart:
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Is there any possibility of a version without the text? Not that it looks bad, I just try to eliminate text in my Dock :)
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