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Yeah, now I have more than 2000 pageviews. Thank you all!
Especially I want to thank my watchers! Love you guys :D

By the way. Currently I have so much work with school, so it is the reason why there are nearly zero new pictures :(
In my free time I'm working on good old traditional animation techniques (aka Disney) as a hobby. I just love the old animation films like
Bambi, The Rescuers, etc.
Digital animation is cool and "fast", but it has not the same appealing style of traditional art, but I think a good mix of traditional drawings with a help of computer technology will give this kind of art a new and good appealing. Hope my works will impress you soon, but currently they are rubbish :D

See ya, friends and thanks again for the pageviews and especialls for the watches!

omercan1993 (aka PearCoding)
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After being inactive for nearly one month I started to draw again. New deviations will come soon.
Currently in Germany is the holiday season, so I have a lot of free time after the damn pre-exams :D

omercan1993 (PearCoding)

PS: We all will survive the apocalypse :D
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Hi guys,

I'm currently inactive and I will be inactive until Christmas too. School is much work now. We write our pre-exams, to be ready for the final and last exams in March.

Have a good time and enjoy the days before Christmas :D

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Oh my god. I'm here for three months now and reach over 1000 page-views! Thank you!!!!

Especially thanks to my watchers:
:iconlefraggle: :iconbigtam211: :iconcoreasdesing: :iconhidde99:
:iconledypotter97: :iconkandel15: :iconprincess-selia: :icontrujayy:
:iconsugarysweetlove: :iconsplitkit: :iconandebyful:

You are awesome! You are the best! Thanks :D :D :D
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Sadly, but reality. I'm back in town.

Heidelberg was one of the beautiful towns I've ever met. It is great, fresh, international and has a very famous university. I think I wanna study there next year :D
But back to art, I can now draw much more, because I've much time now. It is vacation here in the north part of Germany and I have free time! Yeah!
New pics will come, soon!!!
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Tomorrow I'm going to the university of Heidelberg for 4 days... the university of Heidelberg  is a very huge and famous German university. But I'm not going to study :( Only to look and to talk with a professor... Maybe next year I will hopefully study there :D
So, the next four days I will not be so much active on DeviantART... but, hey, only for four days :D

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I must say that I'm not really a 'manga' lover but some day ago I remember Dragonball again and wanted to draw them... I did some drawings and now I make some analytics and some manga practice to improve my 'level' of drawing ability.
By the way, my favorite episodes were Buu from Dragonball Z and the whole Dragonball GT series.
My favorite characters are Son Goku, Son Gohan, Videl and Pan (but sometimes she is really annoying :( ).
I really love the dramatic scenes and my pictures also will be about that... Maybe about the relationship between Gohan and Videl or something else :D

Be ready for new Dragonball pictures... :D

PS: The vacations in my area will begin next week!!! Yes, I can draw more now!!!
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Hello everyone...

currently I have very much to do in real life. This year is my last school year, so I must do very much do earn a high degree :)
The next two weeks I will be very few active on DeviantART until the vacations will begin. Maybe no new deviations will be submitted :(

I hope you can understand that.

Goodbye my great friends.

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Hi everyone!

--- New Group ---

I found my first group :D It's called :iconrelationships: and is about moods and relationships between two or more persons. Also other feeling-related pictures are welcome :)
Maybe someone is interested to join?

I currently need a new logo for the group. I'm not really a good logo designer, maybe someone of you?

--- Other todos ---

I also want to say thanks to :icontrujayy: and :iconsugarsweetlove: for watching me :D
Further I want to thanks :icontrujayy:, :iconjompie:, :iconjahendrick:, :iconcontrasprite:, :iconpony-untastic: and :iconhoshi-hana: for sending me great :llama:s :)

Also thanks for the great attention and feedback to my Baby Max by omercan1993 picture. It is amazing :D

Thank you for reading my journal and good bye.

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I've been a deviantART member for 2 weeks now and I really enjoy it. So many arts, masterpieces and stories... They really enriched my life! Thanks!

I also want to say thanks to the 69 favorites now. I have published 50 deviantions and got 69 favorites. This is great! Thank you. I never thought that I will reach something like this with the Gummi Bear and Duck drawings.

Further I want to say thanks to :iconfan-gogh: and :iconsplitkit:. They gave me llama badges... I really don't know what it is for, but I love them :D

Also I want to say thanks to :iconandebyful: and :iconsplitkit: again for watching me. It is every time a good feeling to know that someone is interested in your art.

Thanks, thanks, thanks! :D

The Scottish Gummis - MacGum

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 11:42 AM
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I really like the Gummi Bears and my pictures prove it :D They are more sketch then real pictures but I love them :)
Some weeks ago I started to create a new story. It begins where the official series ends and tells the Journey especially from a Gummi and a group to New Gumbria.
One of my goals was not to destroy the epic official style from The Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Of course it is only Fan Fiction and not related to official Disney work (beside that is about the Gummi Bears and that they play in the story).
It was very difficult to find a child-friendly and sympathetic story. I hope I found it or will found it soon.

Let's talk about some of the new Gummi Bears.
The MacGums are an old scottish Gummi tribe nearly like the Barbics. Very few are still alive. They are very warlike, but try to only maintain their ancient culture. Not a lot of their belongings are left. After a great resistance against the humans they moved to New Gumbria like other gummy bears. Six gummy bears forms their leadership.

In the next Journal I will tell you more about the six major gummi bears and other inhabitants of my New Gumbria.


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Hi, everyone!
I started with deviantART yesterday and loved it. It is a very good community for "artist".
I'm not really a "good" artist (I'm more a software architect by the way) but I post you some of my drawing and painting attempts.
Hope you liked it. :)

I'm very happy to hear wishes, feedbacks or critiques. I'm far away from being perfect, so be critical! :D

My drawings are often focused on the Ducks and the Gummi Bears, but my paintings are in general Landscapes or Still life pictures.
I already start to paint with Watercolor (real watercolor of course not school paints) and Acryl and want to start with Oil soon.
I also make models and animation in 3D with Blender or something else. I'm also very familar with Photoshop and GIMP, but I don't really like to redraw my drawings with them.