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Sakura all grown up

My concept for Polycount's Brawl competition.

WIP thread can be found here: [link]
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I bow for you.
The most beautiful piece of sakura i've ever seen! She looks badass!
Hope this will be in the SFV game.
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Thank you Pandansan. No chance this ever being in game though it was just some fan art.
not bad!, but I would keep the short hair
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Much better than that stupid schoolgirl btich.
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Don't get mad if I use this in a comic someday...It too good !
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I wont be mad, I promise. Thank you
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Sweet !!!! :-D
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The path of a warrior is CLEARLY not an easy one. It seems she's endured quite a bit O__O

Nicely done
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I'm gonna miss her wearing a skirt if she opts fir this! XP

Overall, it'd be a great DLC costume! And I lol at the fact you made her undershirt loose(in school girls that wear those, it's really tight so they can go without a bra). And most of her uniform parts are there too, like the tie in her hand and her headband like an eye patch.
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Yeah... I can totally seeing this as the end result for Sakura. Nice. :D
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