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>> heyo. it's omena, a little finnish person!

• even though omee's friendly and outgoing on the internet and with her own small group of friends, she tends to be a bit shy and anxious when out there in real life.

• she loves art, the way how things can be visually pleasing and beautiful with a little planning, and being able to create stuff with her own imagination and hands.

• omee enjoys hanging around with animals, and coexists with her own little muffin as well - a beautiful kitter called Renee! she is also caretaker of a small garden of plants.

• unfortunately sometimes she has big mood swings, and can be down in the dumps for weeks at a time. her friends help a lot with recovering, and are invaluable help.

• omee has a childlike look to life, and easily gets excited about simple things she likes! she also loves being able to make people feel happy and loved.

Friends by ToothlessEgo

TLDR; a small boop who's generally joyful and loves people and art.

and my side account for free linearts is omenaadopts, if you like!

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hey, i see you're not as active on dA anymore, but i'd like to commission you, if possible!! i've been a long-time fan, using your lines for adopts back on my old account @dulargervi, so please note me your discord info if possible !! <3 you're a big inspiration to me and rly rly aesthetically pleasing

Hi, I wanted to message you on discord but I can't find you u-u I wanted to ask about this lineart base, can I edit it to my needs? (remove the collar and edit the ears and tail a bit)

HD kitty

Hello! I saw that you won the them sweet drinks spectrel today and wanted to ask if it would be okay for me to draw them? They have such a nice design but I wanted to ask first!

ohhh absolutely if you want to! <3 im on dA very little rn, so if you hang on discord at all, (the spectrels have a channel too) id probably notice your reply better :D

ty! And ohh, totally understand! Yes, I'm in the spectrels discord, so I'll make sure to let you know there when I do draw them, ty again!

HEY OMEE!<3 Hope you're doing well! I miss you a ton and am sending tons of love!