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newt maker | F2U


  you must have a program with layers to use this maker, for example Sai or Photoshop.

  newt, a small lizard-like creature with lots of variation. you can make your own!

    --> click here for lineart options! there's several body part and colouring options.

 simple rules include ..

- you can make adopts/OCs/etc !
- you can edit the lineart as you wish !
- you cannot re-post the lineart only
- you cannot claim the lines as yours

- please credit and link back - i'd love to see what you come up with !
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will we ever get a pixel version??

TheFloorButBetter's avatar

How do I get the newt options? I don't see any let alone medi just shows the main base.

TheFloorButBetter's avatar

Lol nvmI forgot I have krita

ZeeTheYeet's avatar

Used for a couple of adopts! These are adorable

Newt adoptables with set price {OPEN}
Fox-111's avatar

Heya, the link doesn't let me download the files (I'm pretty sure that's just my browser having problems or something) is there any way you could send me the sai or psd file in another link? I'd love to use this base

WildKolo's avatar

I think I’m having the same issue! It’s saying the page doesn’t exist 😭

Azure83's avatar

Same! I thought it was just me!

LadyOlis's avatar

So cool base, thank you!

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I've been eyeing this base for quite a while, and I finally used it !!
Athena [Familiar] by Tinydancersss
Shadowchaser523's avatar
it's not working. I even downloaded the PSD and used Autodesk sketch book, still not working
ILikeDragonsIGuess's avatar

ScREe hELp. I can't use it cause I only have Medibang and Artflow

KestrelPath's avatar

If you have a mobile device, download AutoDesk Sketchbook. That supports PSD files. If you only have a computer, then, you can only get Photoshop.

KookyPokedul's avatar
The NAMES of the tounge types are killing me, its amazing
omenaadopts's avatar
aahaha i love doing absolutely random layer names;; thank you!! <3
possumbun's avatar
This is a dream come true on my gosh
omenaadopts's avatar
♥♥ you're a dream come true omg ;o
dopetables's avatar
Just realized I never shared some of the lovely babies I made with this! Newt Adopts - Carmen [OPEN] by dopetables   Newt Adopts - Godfrey [OPEN] by dopetables   Newt Adopts - Carl [OPEN] by dopetables   Newt Adopts - Erin [OPEN] by dopetables  
MichiganHorror's avatar
is there no transparent background one perhaps??
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