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Monster Maker / P2U


  you must have a program with layers to use this maker, for example Sai or Photoshop.

  monster maker lets you create wonderful creatures, exactly the way you want!

    it has more than 20 face additions, 7 body additions, 13 ear styles and whopping 17+ different tails!

    --> the maker pack costs 100 points, and has both PSD and SAI layered files for easy use.

 simple rules include .. 

- you can make adopts/OCs/etc !
- you can edit the lineart as you wish !
- you cannot re-post the lineart only
- you cannot claim the lines as yours

- please credit and link back - i'd love to see what you come up with !
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I bought this lineart and it doesnt work for me.. I use MediBang on iPad- is there a way I can get this to work or can I get a refund? Sorry!!

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bought it but ugh i use firealpaca.... and it wont open.... any way to use it for firealpaca? or get a refund?....

ArabPonyHorse's avatar

nvermide it works!

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Thank you so much for making it. :)

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YokaMycelium's avatar

Bought, thank you!

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im confused i just bought this and if only gives me the eyes and the gif how do i get the rest

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I’m having the same issue how did you solve it?

cakeisbean's avatar
I don’t how to solve it yet
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hi! I'd love to use this base, but I'd prefer to pay via paypal, would that be possible? I love your work! <3

Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Purchased! Thank you! <3
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I’m having some trouble with the file. All the layers are blank, but labeled. 
KaiHanley1998's avatar
Never mind, I solved it. Thanks for making such a beautiful creature maker
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hey, question !! this is @/dulargervi here on my new account.. should i re-buy this on this account, or is the purchase from the other one still okay to use, considering i still have the files? figured i should ask before using!
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aaAAAAaaAAA im SO sorry this is so late reply!!! absolutely yea, since its you who bought it, and you who will be using it, so the account name isnt really a big deal! feel free! ;v; /
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