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  Bullet BlueBullet Orange some chibi people, for your anthro and humanoid adoptable needs! ( '  v ')/

          been practicing simplified chibi anatomy for a while, and these came out pretty nice i think?

  Bullet BlueBullet Orange tis' a free lineart! click below for the file options.

 link >>

  Bullet BlueBullet Orange simple rules include..

         you can make adopts or ocs!
         you can edit the base as you want!
         you can post finished work off-site!

         don't re-post the lineart only.
         don't claim the lines as yours.

  please credit and link back, i'd love to see your beautiful creations! ' v '
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God hates furries

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Your basesare always simple and easy! Could u make a dog version , just a suggestion :)

Hey guys how do you change the base ?through which program or software ? thanks

XxSanyuxX's avatar

I eould tell u but sorry I don't know ^^;

GalaxyVaporeon's avatar

how we can add the eyes?

XxSanyuxX's avatar

Just draw them on

GalaxyVaporeon's avatar

idk how to darw eyes and do you went to adopt a fish dog pick the one you like

XxSanyuxX's avatar

Went t adopt a fish dog to pick one like?? I dint quite understand what u mean

GalaxyVaporeon's avatar

well i got some

Fishdog Adopts 4 points Each Open

adopt like is one sad its the open some are really got adopt

XxSanyuxX's avatar

OK I'll get one if I have points , I'll probably get points soon

GalaxyVaporeon's avatar

OK BTW some are open to pick and some not open look at my list to see it be the kitty dog ones are all got adopt idk about the 1 yet

GalaxyVaporeon's avatar

and be fast or some day all fish dog well be adopt

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I am using .Your base is so cutee 🥺💖

Used ! I really love your base thank you for letting some of them free, you are so kind <33 I had a lot of fun making my oc like that^^

Moonpaw anthro [OC]
xChesires-OCsx's avatar

Hello! May I use this base for real money adopts? I know some artists don't like this, so I always ask to make sure before I do anything. I understand if you don't want that ^^

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Ima use

yeah dont mind me

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used!! I love these lines
Sansa Revamp 2020 by fernhound
admiral-meow's avatar

this base was really fun to use :>

Anthro cat cheap cat adopts! OPEN (6/9)
Ch3rry-C0ke's avatar
oh my god you are a life saver dude thank you!!! finally a good ms paint base.
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