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No. Its not this time of a year. This is emergency journal system ;] This special journal entry is because something amazing happened. I'm making a note here, huge success!

Many of you probably heard about Expose book series. In short its a periodical collection of best digital art around the world in one amazing album. I remember when I saw one of earlier editions few years back - I was simply blown away by the quality of images included. I also was proud as hell when one of my images was featured there. But this time its even better. My work is on a frikin cover!!!

You have no idea how awesome it feels me when I look at it. I know I should be cool and professional about stuff like that, but its really hard to keep straight face when your dreams come true :]
You can find out more details here… . As a bonus to the book I prepared small video walkthrough of image creation process. You just have to get it!

Whats more, I finally launched my personal website!

You can find all of my new images there as well as few of my sketches, walkthroughs and tutorials. Some sections might be bit empty for now but I promise you, Ill fill them up once I have some free time on my hand.

Thank you all for support, I couldn't do it without you. Till the next time!

Logging off
(single voice from the crowd) Get some new lines!

So in short: Last. Year. Was. Awesome! Its really hard to overstate my satisfaction ;] It went through scary fast but other than that it was truly epic.
First of all - my wedding was... well something I wasn't really expecting ;] From what I heard before there is so much things going on during the ceremony and after party (which in Poland tends to last till morning next day) that you don't really have time to enjoy yourself. But fortunately it wasn't the case this time. Everything went smoothly, everybody had fun, and most of all me and my wife had a blast with all of our friends in one place ;] Definitely a night to remember. Right now we enjoy our early marriage months with brand new addition to our family - Yorkshire Terrier puppy. I know, I know - not very manly dog, but darn thing is so cute its really hard not to like little fella ;]

Also work wise what happened last year was beyond my wildest expectations. I landed my dream job as a concept artist at Crytek, which is like in my top 3 companies I wanted to work for. I always had things for military, cybernetics and destruction themes and I cloud really let those thing out working on Crysis 2. On top of that I got big commissions from SEGA and Lucas Arts, which in case of that last one evolved into working on biggest, most epic picture I ever painted! Cant tell you anything more right now, but just wait till upcoming E3 conference and your curiosity will be fulfilled ;]

So as you can see, it will be really, really hard to top last year achievements... but sure as hell Ill try to do it anyway ;]
See you guys next year, and please do come by every now and then - its really heartwarming to read all of you positive feedback... and makes my job the best thing in the world ;]

Logging off

Life in Stereo

Fri Feb 20, 2009, 3:12 AM
(single voice from the crowd)You suck!

So its bee over a year since my last journal update.. Yeah I know... I suck :P I'm just not too big on that "online journal" stuff, and yet I wish to stay in touch with all the ppl out there checking my art every now and then. And men.. over 650.000 visitors O___o Never thought I'll see the day. Thank you all so much! Its your comments that makes my hart warm and hands full of positive energy - ready to drop some digital lines ;] Keep on doing what you doing - you are the fuel people!

So my life right now is in stereo mode - on one side I'm finally doing some art for major games developer, and boy oh boy I love it so much! There is something utterly awesome about it. I have no illusion about my place in big machine of game development but its pure joy to help create world and characters that some anonymous player somewhere will annihilate with heavy machine gun :D Those boxes behind that huge boss you just killed - I DESIGNED THOSE BOXES! :D

On the personal side - I'm getting married in few months! That's right I have life beside drawing - shocker, believe me I'm surprised myself :P But I think its very important to share your life with someone who really gets you, and who makes you fell like you can do anything. And all my accomplishments wouldn't be half as meaningful if I couldn't share them with her...

So that's my life in stereo - work and personal playing together in sync... hopefully for a loooonng time ;]

Ok, enough of that blah blah. Probably very few readers survived to this moment so some bonus for you. 2D Artist magazine  just interviewed me so if you have spare couple of minutes you can read it here…

Also it makes me proud to announce that "Make me proud..." image will be featured in upcoming "Digital Art Masters vol 4" book along with "making of" article so make sure you wont miss it ;]

There! This journal should be enough for another 12 months :D

Logging off

Hi there!

Regarding my Hide and Seek Mini Tiny Contest…

First of all - Many many thanks for all the wonderful comments. I must say - nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing people creating stories from my pictures. I always try to put some elements in the painting that can spark imagination and if it works... well, there is no other feeling quite like it ;] And I must thank you for that

As for contest itself, all of those fantastic stories you created was amazing. You created storylines that exceeded what I had in my mind, which simply amazed me.


Most things very early was spotted by
Kudos for catchy eye :] And kudos to all of you that spotted rest of the elements. That's right, you got them all :D

So here goes the puzzle pieces I painted for you to connect them:
- canister with bio hazard logo : some mutagen or virus container
- baby's carrying hospital bracelet: some medical experiment perhaps
- Female has medic insignia on her clothing: a doctor or a scientist
- Female ID bracelet:  she is part of some futuristic society
- bandage on her neck: she was wounded or bitten
- earphone: she is in contact with someone
- zombies hand: mutated humans
- zombies cape: same as female cape, means they were humans once then mutated into this things, or that she try to disguise herself
- zombies mask: and weapons this contrast between high tech mask and low tech weapon suppose to suggest that thy were mutated while in those masks and then brain functions was decrees so badly they don't know how to use advanced weapons. Although I very much liked theory that they use those masks to remain alive against flesh eating disease
- reflection in icicle: both mutant and woman are reflecting witch was hinting that they see each other

extra thing I though no one will figure out, but you proven me wrong :] :
- mother is covering baby's mouth so it wont cry, but in the same time smothering him.
- purple haze around second zombie - was suppose to be smoke from signal flare


I must say you created very convincing stories from those elements. My favorite is one written by
and shorter one but very poetic by

Person that got the story closest to what I had in mind (in both cases :D) is


And few of you creatad so crazy ass theories it just blown my mind :D
and fantastic lizard theory by


And the funniest interpretation that make laugh very very hard, special thanks to

Well that's it folks, thank you all for participaiting in this Mini tiny contest. Its really rewarding to paint with crowd like that.

So what you say? Shall we do that again sometime?

ps: Remember to pick up ImagineFX issue 27 with Hide and Seek workshop, and in further issues I'm gonna be part of ImagineFX Q&A panel so hopefully you will receive tips and tricks from me on monthly basis :]
ps2: Looking for my hi-res wallpapers? Just click here… and enjoy :D
ps3: If you hadn't already you must pick up Exotique3 from Ballistic Publishing. Its beautiful album and its featuring three of my works - yay :D

Hi there. Thank you all for commenting on my work. Amount of comments pleas me waaayyy more than any amount of favs :D And its all thanks to u people! You are the best!
Some of my artworks has been noticed around and even featured in few places. Thank you again for including my stuff in your journals :D

My work can be found in new issue (june07) of 2D Artist magazine. Here is featured article preview exclusive for all DA users (pdf format):

Also one of my pic have whole page in upcoming Ballistic Publishing "Expose 5" so when you can get it - GET IT :]

And finally - if you looking for ultra hi-res wallpaper version of my pics  you'll find them at - just look for Marek Okon ( that's me :] ) section

Best of luck and till next time :]
Man oh man this week is bussy.

This years Games Convention in Leipzig was a blast! :D
First of all - we didn't get lost like last time :P Second of all - I meet A LOT of fantastic people a did a lot of fun stuff :D
Aside of work related business meetings with products developers, producers, software planners, CEO's and so on and on, we were able to have some fun on Within Temptation concert. Hell, we even got to talk personally to lovely vocalist Sharon den Adel! And have some pictures with her!! Oh my, she is a real treat to look and listen to :D
Well... I felt that it was way too lucky for me, and something was bound to go wrong... and it did... My friend stupid long hair cover half of my face in pictures whit Sharon... soooo maaaaaaad :/

Later on this evening, using some pagan magic tricks, we acquired few priceless tickets to Symphonic Game Music Concert, that was official opening of GC. Classic and new games soundtrack in orchestra and choir versions. Simply MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE!!! I really cannot describe it well... its like music is flowing through your body and exploding in your head... Amazing...
Another fantastic thing about this concert was that we meet Nobuo Uematsu! Final Fantasy music compositor himself, right by my side!!!! We shoot some photos together and he sign my concert program. Yes yes  - same long hair dude managed to screw up this photo as well, with his big fat thumb on a lens!! Sooo hating hiiim...

Next day we meet with some folks from Nintendo, we were able to play some Wii games (tennis is like killer game for two :D, kind lady literally pulled out wiimotes from our hands :P ), eat some of their mini sandwiches, steal some of their energy drinks and acquire few of those amazing Wii bags :D

It was time to go home...

My only regret is that beside business meetings and shooting photos with hot hostesses :P I didn't had time to play all those fantastic games I wanted to. Maybe next year we gonna have some more of that... for now - I'm extremely happy with this years CG :D And soo looking forward to next one

If anyone was on CG - we were dorky looking guys in "Nibris" and "Sadness" t-shirts, running around , hunting for senoritas :D

Best of all you guys out there... your support to my work is priceless :]

Now something in polish:
A teraz na chwile po polsku:

Ufff ledwo przyjechałem z GC a juz wybieram sie na Polcon2006. Na szczęście w tym roku organizowany jest przez mojego przyjaciela w Lublinie ( i to całkiem niedaleko mojej meliny :P) wiec będę sie od czasu do czasu pojawiał :] Chetnie odpowiem, na ile bede umial ;) na pytania z zakresu rysunku i grafiki 2d. Możecie tez dostać na konwencie plakat pamiątkowy z moim anielsko/kosmicznym rysunkiem, a jak komuś juz całkiem odwali cos w głowę mogę go nawet podpisać :P -  5,99$ za podpis :D :D :D
Pozdrawiam wszystkich i do zobaczenia w sobotę w Lublinie ;)


:icondochott: Has asked me if I can be a judge in his contest [Details here:… ] so I accepted :D The prizes are pretty damn good - Subscriptions and cash prizes for the top 3 winners - Which is more than most contests have to offer :nod:
So go enter! It'll push your creative skills to another level, and who knows... You might even win =) You've got nothing to lose!

Plus, top 3 winners will get their pictures carefully commented by me - what their strong and weak points are, what they shoud work on and maybe even when to find suitable material to do so ;]

Well I just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and I must say - thats quite a movie! To be honest I dont kow if I saw anything so spectacular and action packed. The story is quite nice but nothing special to tell the trutch... but action... You just have to see this amazing fights...
Dont know if my opinion is fair cuz I am huge fan of FFVII (one of best game EVER along with MGS) so if you didnt played this game or you dont like mega-hyper-combo-big-swords-flying-action, this thing could not be for you.

Still... I thought this move would let me down... It soooo did not
"W związku z problemami personalnymi, lokalowymi oraz wszelakimi innymi w naszej organizacji ogłaszamy wszem i wobec, że konwent BAKA w roku 2005 sie NIE ODBEDZIE!!!!"
This time mountains :D Till 31th...
Stupid dry spell with no taime to draw only work work work... probably its gonna be like this till end of september till I finish my stuff with university... pfff stupid magisterka :/

Something for polish people:

Bede ze stanow sprowadzal sobie tablet wacom intuos 3 albo A4 albo A5 bylby ktos kupnem zainteresowany? Wiekszy moglbym sprzedac za jakies 1600zl (w sklepie powyzej 2100zl) a mniejszt za jakies 1150zl (w sklepie kolo 1500zl). To prawdziwa ekstrakalsa wsrod tabletów... taki rekonesans robie czy warto sciagac. Dajcie znac jakby ktos byl zainteresowany - bede pewnie sprzedawal przez Allegro.
.. till August 17 :P Finally vacations :mwahaha:
So I was wondering whats going one with all this yellow madness thing. So i dig... and dig... and thing looking kinda bad... But from the top:

Things to come
Here are some journals of current head of DA. Read it well cuz they r showing u direction witch DA is going...………

As you can read it preety big changes ar gonna run thru this site... bad ones...

And so it begun……

Then the respoce…

Then another…

And now somthing that explains everything... thou I dont know how real it is... its sure looks real to me

Truth is out there?

If u dont care what is going on aroud you thont bother reading all this. Im quite young deviant but I konw when something bad is happening. And I must say


Hello world!!
:iconmr-mister: Final Fantasy wallpaper contest is ending soon and I just want u to know that despite of final outcome I must say Im sooo thankful for your support. Quistis was my first deviation that crossed border of 50 favs and thats all thanks to you!!! You made good old OmeN a happy man :D

Thanks again ;]

ps: And ofcourse special thanks to mr-mister :) His contest was amazing opportunity to meet talented artist across all deviantart, and must say - greate fun!!
U can count me in on your next challenge dude :thumbsup:
W zeszlym tygodniu mialem ostatnie zajecia na uczelni... Koniec studiow przyszedl jakos niespodziewanie. Musze jeszcze magisterke obronic (i napisac :P) ale to juz jest koniec... Troche dziwne uczucie kiedy juz sie nie uczysz, zycie przestaje byc odgornie sterowane - robisz co chcesz. Ta wolnosc jest troche straszna gdy do końca nie wiesz czego chesz...  Nadchodzi reszta mojego zycia :]

Ale te piec lat studiow... ech... to byla impreza :D Wierzcie mi warto sie dalej uczyć chocby dla tych chwil spedzonych w knajpie z przyjaciolmi. Bo tak na prawde gdzies od trzeciego semestru uczelania robi za punkt zbiorczy by wyjsc razem na piwo :] Kurde szkoda ze z pracy nie mozna tak fajnie uciekac jak z zajec...

Cos sie konczy cos sie zaczyna

In short English:
End of college. Drinking was fun :D No more wild partys thou ;( Unkonow future ahead. Kinda afraid...

Something ends something begins
Bedzie  po polsku... bo nawet nie chce mi sie myslec po angielsku...

Wlasnie napisalem ostatni egzamin w tej sesji, choc tak go napisalem ze pewnie jeszcze do mnie wroci niedlugo. Ale przynajmniej mam chwile wolnego. Od pracy od uczelni... tyle pomyslow w glowie i nie mam czasu na ich realizacje... Tak mie korci zeby wyprobowac nowy sposob kolorowania... Juz niedlugo.

Na pocieszke dotarl dzis do mnie moj nowy aparat Panasonic FZ3. Niby tylko 3.1mpx ale jakie to male bydlatko ma mozliwosci. Na weekendzie sprobuje sie przkonac co potrafi ten stabilizowany obiektyw LEICA z dwunastokrotnym zoomem przy zachowaniu f2.8 na calej jego dlugosci. Powinienem calkiem plytkie DoFy wyciagac...
Sucker love is heaven sent.
You pucker up, our passion's spent.
My hearts a tart, your body's rent.
My body's broken, yours is bent.

Carve your name into my arm.
Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.

Sucker love, a box I choose.
No other box I choose to use.
Another love I would abuse,
No circumstances could excuse.

In the shape of things to come.
Too much poison come undone.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,

Every me and every you.

Sucker love is known to swing.
Prone to cling and waste these things.
Pucker up for heavens sake.
There's never been so much at stake.

I serve my head up on a plate.
It's only comfort, calling late.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,

Every me and every you.

Like the naked leads the blind.
I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind.
Sucker love I always find,
Someone to bruise and leaves behind.

All alone in space and time.
There's nothing here but what here's mine.
Something borrowed, something blue.

Every me and every you.

I just cant leave this song behind... its following me everywhere I go...
Ahhhh... nothing like a fresh pack of smokes...