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What will be after

By OmeN2501
Was suppose to be promo art but ended up being personal picture
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Awesome art, horrible future
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What do you think of future. I mean.... most of your pictures are future / near future. Do you just like it or you have some bounds to it.
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It reminds a bit of the atmosphere of the game Infamous on ps3. Nice tho !
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Typical L.A. scene Sunday morning.
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His knee and hand look like its a kid holding him/her and looking at crater :0
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This is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! :)
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превосходно *_*
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Eye and brain candy.

Thanks for making this one. :-D
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This looks very familiar is it inspired by something???
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 Unless it's detonated from the ground, a nuclear blast wouldn't leave a crater. Warheads explode above ground so they case maximum damage. That's why Nagasaki and Hiroshima didn't have a crater and were not permanently contaminated.
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OMG! Where is the "Midgar"? :P
This is great! :)
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Looks like Boeing have already gone to work on Chinook MKII
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Looks a bit like joke.
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don't worry i'm sure there are plenty of Vaults to stay in
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It reminds me of Detroit.
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