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'Warmachine: Legends' 4of4

By OmeN2501
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Looong overdue - last pack from series

Few images I did for latest edition of Warmachine: Legends. Some of them are nearly year old and occasionally you can notice that its quite different style than I usually do, but isn't it all about doing new staff? ;]

Not to bore you with every single image Im gonna pack them in four sets, this is last one

All comments and crits most welcome. All images and designs belong to Privateer Press
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Very awesome!!
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I feel so, so bad for those Stormguard in the last picture.
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Ahh that Striker vs Voyle art! I love protectorate armor and designs and Voyle's is godly awesome.
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LockslieProfessional Artisan Crafter
Great piece !
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I love how you captured the Khador story. Sorcha watching the Butcher ( who also Killed Sorcha's Father ) and leaving him for dead at the hands of the Cygnar; yet still managed to live and return before the Empress. His size is well captured, and even the Regal look of the Cygnar is captivating. Great work.
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So that's how Voyle looked? Astounding work.
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IVbenjaminHobbyist Digital Artist
Them armor designs! Soooooo awesome!!
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TygahmanHobbyist General Artist
Awesome work.
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Crippled Butcher VS three what are those? Sword Knights? Heh bad day to be a Sword Knight.
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is that heiarch Voyle in the first set?

haven't seen warmachine legends.
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great work
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AralaasHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ProsopagnosiaArtProfessional Artist
what have u done to the butcher ??? what a shame for the motherland

awesome paintings tho
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NinjaSpankHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Are these prints available for purchase anywhere? Or do you know where the sword knight image was published?
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Seeb-sanProfessional Interface Designer
wauw great!!
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coyotepackHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it. The second panel is my favourite.
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EPIIIIIIIC! Like, LOTR epic or Bruce Lee epic! Wooooooow! :iconamgplz:

This is supurbtrebly done! Shoot! That costume of the dude in the top image on the right is sick! He looks so badass xD

Kudos to you! And lots of Twizzlers!

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The butcher? Against Cygnarians? In close combat?

My money's on the bald guy.
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I saw this a long time ago on concept art. It still looks F*ing amazing, great work!
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I love this series however 4th piece is the best. I love it, all 3 pictures. 1st and 2nd are my favourites :) Beautiful coloring, great scenes. Just perfect.
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one word: speechless
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I do believe i love everything you do. Great stuff, good sir.
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cala seria nieziemska!
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