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'Warmachine: Legends' 2of4

Few images I did for latest edition of Warmachine: Legends. Some of them are nearly year old and occasionally you can notice that its quite different style than I usually do, but isn't it all about doing new stuff? ;]

Not to bore you with every single image Im gonna pack them in four sets, this is second one in the series

All comments and crits most welcome. All images and designs belong to Privateer Press
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I always liked the Helldiver jack I think they are adorable with their ability to burrow and pop up all over the battle field.

Their like little demonic gophers.
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this is really cool!!!!!
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Love the artwork. Makes me think of that time my Harrower killed an entire unit of Exemplar Cinerators with one thresher attack...What an awesome 'jack. .
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I just love that bonejack too much!
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And Mortenebra there O_O wow... love that
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Know nothing about this game but the characters look cool. Must be awful to be the orky guy however. The only emotion your face is built to express is GRARGH! ...Then again it may be the case that's all he needs.

Robo knights are strangely cute.

Keep it up.
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Reminds me a bit of Legend of Arana
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i especially love the design of the bot(?) in the lower left of the img
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Genial, lo vi primero en un articulo de =noticias pero aquí está mucho mejor.. es espectacular!!
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I am just in awe my friend. These are amazing! :jawdrop:
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WOW!! These would make fantastic posters.
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Absolutely beautiful work! I love the painter'ly style, but still keeping with the raw, core feeling of the images.
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holy shit - make a tutorial and make us all happy!
your work is brilliant!
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They look so happy!
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nice details.. some ideas are from the WOW... nice thinking... anyway, nice artwork... can you send me a link or the program that you used in making this types of artworks?????
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Your works are amazing!
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Not to disregard your work with Warmachine, have you ever thought of drawing anything from the rival series of Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000?

Again you seem to capture the mood with your drawings, just a pity I'm not a big fan of Warmachine.
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You is THE BEST^^ I love you work, really.
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lol, their tiny weapon looks like toys.
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Centurion vs Harrower =win!
I love your stuff sir, truly inspirational.
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