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'Warmachine: Legends' 1of4

Few images I did for latest edition of Warmachine: Legends. Some of them are nearly year old and occasionally you can notice that its quite different style than I usually do, but isn't it all about doing new staff? ;]

Not to bore you with every single image Im gonna pack them in four sets, this is first one in the series

All comments and crits most welcome. All images and designs belong to Privateer Press
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could you give me more info on these guys?
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you mean the protectorate of Menoth? basically religious zealots
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If you need any more background info on the setting, just ask or look around on google for 'Iron Kingdoms: Warmachine'
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mam małą prośbę zilustruj fragment Wiedźmina
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Awesome DESIGNS !!!! keep it up
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Menoth FTW! Outstanding artwork.
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Looks great. I love the game.
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just got a huge protectorate of menoth army last night, along with all the books, wonderful art in there.
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love your work
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Masterful :O Amazing
Fear the Protectorate of Mennoth!

They will crush you with the weight of their faith!
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Łaaadne. Zwłaszcza ta zbroja pośrodku na rysunku nr1.
Chcę taką! (dla mojej postaci z Gasnących Słońc).
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Omg dude you are godly this is exactly what I aspire to be.You have very awesome pieces of artwork I shall look to your works as inspiration
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Brilliant stuff. The first image looks like Grey Knights from Warhammer 40k, and the last one looks like an Inquisition fanatic
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Oh my god.. fuckn amazing
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You draw fantastic armor and your art style and poses are very refined!
Thanks for sharing all your fantastic art! :#1:
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Fabulous work! :clap: Very beautiful :heart:
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