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A piece I did for "Small is beautiful". Something different than my usual Sci-Fi pictures - I thought that some variety in my work is needed :] Light inspiration from end scenes of "300"

All done in Photoshop in about 25h

All crit is most welcome :]
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The fact he is still holding his weapon as he passes resonates with me for some reason.

very awesome !
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I remember seeing this, I love it so much :heart: rvmp 
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oh my gosh this looks like Skyrim!I am a dummy! 
Just found it...... very nice.
How can I order a print
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Your fight is over, brave warrior.
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absolutely love this one, wish it were a higher resolution so it could end up as my desktop for a year or so (probably longer knowing me.)
Have you ever seen The Legend of Korra? I can't help but see the death of Avatar Wan when I see this picture. Look it up on youtube if you don't know what I mean. This is some awesome work. I spent hours trying to find it after my harddrive crashed. It's been I while since I've been on the site.
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This isn't simply beautiful... It's inspiring and have a somber uplifting tone to it, I absolutely ADORE it and you! 
Really Nice!! It is like the ending of the frist avatar in legend of korra!
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I love the original original design for the valkyrie here, also i like the emotion this picture has to it, great work!
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Just, wow, I don't know if it's just me viewing it or actual skill but there is a lot of emotion in this picture, on the warriors face and pose I can see both the agony of his wounds, a sadness of death but the joy of knowing he is being taken to a better place. The whole scene shows this too with everything around being drab, grey and horrible but the small valkyrie's light gives a small aura of hope to the picture when seen. It's an amazing piece that brings up conflicting emotions, masterfully done.
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I have many of these as desktop wallpapers! :D
Wow, beautiful details, colouring, everything... really impressive work. But form the thumbnails I see that your hole gallery is like that...
haha...  A teraz widzę, że wcale nie musiałam kaleczyć angielszczyzny, żeby to napisać ;)
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I really like the art style and the idea! :)
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I love it!
I always have to think about the song "Valkyries" by Blind Guardian:

"When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home"
Love it, someone found this pic as part of a video on youtube and wanted to know who the artist was. I found you :)
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