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Suit Up

Promotional image for "Crysis 2" game developed by Crytek. Based on rough 3d model. Also featured as workshop in ImagineFX magazine issue 63.
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Crysis 2 - Close Encounters & Alien Logo & Others ***

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You gotta be kidding me O_O
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This is superb.
I really love how you pay so much attention to the details, especially to make the suit look worn and the gun like it has been used for ears.
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You should use guns for ears, that sounds dangerous.
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Realized that just now ;) Well, hopefully you can figure out what it was meant to be
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very nice, i love how you can put so much flawless detail into your drawings and use a blur effect to place things into perspective
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This picture is amazing. You know what they say about a sharp dressed man. XP
Ted Mosby..... Suit up cause the next 18 hours are going to be leg.... Wait for it! endary. Legendary! Haha
Nicely done.
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Just another comment praising your skills and talent.
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Oh my goodness.
What program for painting do you use?
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da hell is your secret my main man
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I love this concept man. Crysis always rules!
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This is freaking ludicrous... how do you make it look this good!?!?! I can barely believe my eyes!
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Oh my. Looks exactly like the game.
You sir, Deserves a free internet. :iconfreeinternetplz:
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how is it even possible? it's too awesome! :nuu:
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