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Star Crusade - part 1

Another book cover - first part from the series

Target was to create mixed sifi - fantasy picture to correspond with the story told in the book

Background is kinda mattepainting, few NASA photo used - character and ship cockpit made by hand with Wacom Intuos and Photoshop

Hope you like it
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Wow this is really cool! I love sutch blends of fantasy and sci-fi! :)
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I'm flipping out. Your work is AMAZING.
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I love it. Was it ever used? I haven't seen it on any books.
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Beautiful work on the chain maille.  I also love the bodice, but the neckpiece seems a bit... fanciful to me.  Belts and leather and the sword are keepers, though.  Well done on the clothing, and the character fits them nicely, being the kind Captain and fierce warrior she appears to be.

Your tech is gorgeous and the world in the background is very well put together.

Excellent work, sir.
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I found this picture ages ago, then lost it because I forgot to favourite! By happy chance I found it on a youtube video!
Hey, my old comment is just down there... why can I still see it? That was two years ago! This piece of work deserves so much more appreciation!
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
I absolutely LOVE this image. What's so funny is I look just like this drawing and I don't even know the artist. I'd love to purchase a copy of this image autographed by the artist to hang on my wall and the rights to us it on my avatar on my webpage.

Let's talk!
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Amazing 3D art talent! Your drawings add that visual 3D depth that works well. Rich in colors and lighting...I like many of your graphics.
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I...LOVE her outfit!!! It's cool, beautiful, and it actually covers her! :clap: :faint: :salute:
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Dude... you draw AWESOME!!!!
Keep the amazing pics coming!
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That... is AWESOME.
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When you said "character and ship cockpit made by hand"
you mean there was no 3d used for this?
It's really hard to tell because of such amazing detail.
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The decoration on her outfit is gorgeous.
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I love how everything looks so natural, as if lady musketeers are a common sight on intergalactic spaceships.
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Daaaaamn. Any book with cover art this totally AWESOME HAS to be a good read! *looks it up on Watersone's website*
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Yay! A heroine who isn't scantily clad in what amounts to little more than three strategically placed bits of duct tape!
Your work is so incredible... I think I have to hate you for how brilliant you are! :D

Truly awe-inspiring work.
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PRAISE THE GODS, someone else who despises those piss-poor excuses for suits of armour as much as I do :D Long live practical clothing on heroines!
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i love that she is aged and not in her 20s like every other heroine! you portrayed her perfectly <3
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Wow! Das sieht ja toll aus!
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I love the combination of futuristic stuff and the old clothing+weapon, gives an interesting atmosphere.
And the background is gorgeous. And the cockpit design is beautiful, balanced and yet strong, amazing concept :) The soft blue glow looks just great, love it.
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