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Cover for awesome comic book "Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising" issue #3 published by Radical Comics. More info here [link]

Crits and comments most welcome

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Wow , just great art.

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Felt the emotion in this piece immediately.
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nice texture and color! love it

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Very nice cover, what kind of soft you use for creating this pic ? (illustrator, photoshop, both, over soft...) i really want to create my first i lovedly wanted to do this now.

If you have advice and tutorial to consider, please tell me.

Thx in advance.
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Brilliant portrait.
I saw this several years ago, on YouTube, as decor for an Epic song.
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This is a really awesome design.
Powerful! The way she looks... her eyes.... Want to read the book
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Wow, so fantastic, strong emotions in this image. This is worth a favourite!
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On the bounce, marine!
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Really cool painting, well done.
wow. Such amazing work. I love the texture of the background.
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I want to know what she is thinking
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Oorah! Awesome work!
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Great concept supported by awesome design work. The subtle lighting gives clarity and direction while letting the sword remain a focal point. I'm not familiar with the comic, so there could be outside circumstances, but I feel like a slight curvature to the blade would serve better to continue a "now at rest after the fight" motion/stance to her figure. The texture work is fantastic, the color work is strong and evocative of a desperate struggle, and the splash of blue is effective at giving a sense of space around her. Nothing else to say! Awesome piece!
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This is wonderful - the art style, composition, design, focus and execution is all incredible, but I think what hits me most is how much the image just bleeds story. Truly feels like a snapshot into not just a moment, but a character's life. I love it. Insta-watch <3
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Znane i lubiane.. Szkoda,że ludzie jak Ty odeszli z forum max3d;/
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awesome scifi art
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An inspirational space-suit design.
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love the detailed work and the expression on her face! breathtaking *^*
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