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Rain: closeups

By OmeN2501
Almost 100% closeups for: [link]
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It is very meaningful in many ways. It seems like she is willing to giver her life away for what ever it is she is protecting which my guess is either her faith and religion or something else. She looks sad and yet she is brave enough to go to these measures. If i am completely wrong i apologize but that is what i see. I read tarot cards so its my instinct to read the pictures immediately. Amazing work even in the close up picture. Love it
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Her face in this closeup actually makes me tear up. The look... it's just so real. Now I can't help but wonder how she got there, her story... Amazing job!!
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Such an amazing picture… Is it okay if I use it for avatars, profile pictures, etc. but not to edit it?
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This...this is so beautiful...(^_^)...(U_U)...(p_p)...(Y_Y)
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I love the full version, and these closeups are so cool! How did you do the rain? It's fantastic :D
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This is a lot more subtle, Kudos.
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Speechless.... Thank you.
Unbelievable.. just unbelievably beautiful. Absolutely love it.. and whoever paired it with the Groove Addict piece on Youtube "To Be Free" was right on the button! [link]

I loved how you capture the emotion on her face.. I can't even be happy and say what a good job you did because right now I'm just feeling so moved by her situation whilst listening to the music.
I have a necklace like that!
NAN-EE's avatar
Love the details--such suspense in this drawing.
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My oh my your awesome. It looks so real I only wish I could get there. I love to draw, but get so upset with myself because I like ultra realistic things and I have no ideal how to do it. I guess I shoudl be happy with the talent God has given me.
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Fantastic, man. Incredible work, all around.
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I dint notice the red light until i saw the closeups :D , great painting :clap:
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ITS A BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!
callumCRUNCH's avatar
Your art leaves me speachless...
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I love that it doesn't show the whole body, or area around her, but you still understand what is happening. You did an excellent job! o__o
Mistrzostwo ;]
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Rain is probably my favourite piece of art by you.
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