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Another book cover for publisher "Fabryka Slow". Story behind it is pretty simple, they want something form her, she cannot let them have it... no matter the cost

Background is kinda mattepainting, character thou is entirely painted by me. Few references used, nothing significant thou

You can catch some closeups here: [link]

Comments and crit most welcome :]

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reminds me of Brigador
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OMG, this is incredible! I love this!
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I just love the look of lazers when going though stuff like rain or smoke
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You are the greatest person I've ever met
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SuicideSheep brought me here...And I'm here to stay sparklesparklesparkle . I can't even believe you're a real person, creating such poignant pieces like this one. Seriously. I saw this for Foxes "Youth" music video YEARS ago, and it's been one of my favorite songs. This image combined with the music just leave me shook every single time
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Damn this is amazig, I love it. Details are incredible ! Good job !
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Finally found the original, really nice job!
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i need this as my wallpaper... really...
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I really love this piece of art. I found this artwork from a Youtube video called - Future World Music -Final Judgement.

I find it really fitting!
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Ever since this was used as a video background on YouTube for 'Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Remix)' I have always had a close connection to both this piece and the song. Given the lyrics of the song (what few there are) and my severe depression over the years I have created the story in my mind that this girl, this seemingly ordinary girl, has been hiding dark secrets in her mind from everyone around her. They say its hard to notice a person going through mental illness, fake smiles and fake laughter covering a deeper part of her, the part of her that feels empty, hopeless, with no way out. I like to think this piece captures the moment she was pushed over the edge, wanting to end it all in a moment of uncontrollable emotion. The eyes tell it all, she has let down those barriers that she painstakingly erected to show, in a fleeting moment of vulnerability, how truly broken she is inside. You can clearly see she has a raincoat on, and a satchel round her neck, as though this was something not even she anticipated happening on this fateful night. I think of this as a last final cry for attention from this sweet girl, unfortunately... attention given far too late. 
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amazing effect of lighting, emotion and movement!
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This is powerful! And are gifted autor, but i would not want to see what you probably see in your mind...
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I kept thinking, "Isn't this from an anime or something??!" Finally it dawned on me!!! This reminds me of The Man in the High Castle....when Juliana asks for asylum (when there was essentially no hope left). Anyone else reminded of that?
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Reminds me of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
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This picture was the background for a video I saw long ago. It was the song "Rainfall" by Echoes and Nightcall. I suggest you get a fullscreen version of this artwork and just look at it while listening to that song. It fits perfectly, I kid you not.
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The amount of detail paired with the flawless depiction of the nuanced facial expression creates an incredible atmosphere; already built by the beautiful setting and color palette. Add an emotional situation and a well-designed character, you have yourself a masterpiece. 

Absolutely brilliant.
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At first I though "oh, it's the person from little nightmares!"
Then I was like "oh...I guess it's not little nightmares..."
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