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Monsterpocalypse Two

By OmeN2501
So I did bunch of promotional images for Privateer Press last year and it had sooooo much fun with it. Especially Monsterpocalipse series - huge monsters fighting in the city - painting doesn't get much cooler then this ;]

You can find my Monsterpocalypse images on boxes, books and comics related to the series

Its a bit different then my usual realistic style so let me know what you think
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you got one fantastic imagination. insparational work for shure
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ive seen enough hentai to know where this is going
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Reminds me of Destroyah vs Worm ( the worm thing from magic the gathering card game )
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that looks like a boss in Borderlands ^^ cool pic
cstalli's avatar

it looks like Shedinja to me o-o
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Woah! Amazing!!! Its so lucky I've found this one. Nicely done buddy!
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Stunning work !!

My contest [link]
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Haa, I love the eye on the stalk at the top :) Amazing work
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how many DPI you use for drawing and painting on pc?
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great...I like Your art work

may you teach me??hehe

spoilerinc come for you...
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The only job I can think of that would be cooler than painting monsters wrecking cities is doing massages at the Playboy Mansion.

The artwork is awesome!:clap:
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I love the design of the characters!
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Wow, EPIC - love this painting. Great work.
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so good - just crazy!
Talk about some incredible work. o.o
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as sayd before, great chtulhu-like monster.
Even the ohter is dramatically beautiful with his style halfway between insect (the carapace) and shark (the face
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Ooooh, another one. Wicked! It's always a good idea to combine something squishy with something sharp ^_^
Great artwork! You just can't go wrong with giant monsters pounding each other into the pavement.
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Privateer Press knows how to make their stuff look good, that's for sure.
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