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Monsterpocalypse One

So I did bunch of promotional images for Privateer Press last year and it had sooooo much fun with it. Especially Monsterpocalipse series - huge monsters fighting in the city - painting doesn't get much cooler then this ;]

You can find my Monsterpocalypse images on boxes, books and comics related to the series

Its a bit different then my usual realistic style so let me know what you think
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As good as this is, I think I have found a MASSIVE error!  The Tripod Robot only has 2 legs, when it would need, and indeed does, to have 3 legs.
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Why watching this work I thought about Pacific Rim !!!??????
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:iconbwavoplz: Incredible work!
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"Why won't this dAmn cockroach die!"
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wow, this is hella crazy...
i love the palette
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when I see this, I think in a Protoss Vs. Zerg battle in the earth!! XD, anyway great work!
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freakin awesome
leriko777's avatar
Ctulhu against robobob???
xXxGenasai's avatar
mole people AND aliens.
from below and above, sweet.
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Monsterpocalypse was my first flatting gig. XD Your promo art was fantastic!
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Has anyone told you lately how epic this is?
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We've featured your creation on our blog (Digital Painting Inspiration about Fire). [link]
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This is amazing! I love the light and dark contrast, its very well done.
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:omg: you officially became a "Space Cadet" in my new News article >> [link]
Your great image(s) is also featured in my journal you can find here >> [link]
Hope you like it and have a cosmic time!!! ;)
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How long?please tell me how ¨long u do this?
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apart for the chtulhu-like monster (awesome!!) i've found the painting more comic-oriented...
maybe it's a style suited to this kind of pictures, but I definitely prefer your realistic style ;)
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The tentacled beast kinda looks facially like the Thorian Creeper from the video game "Mass Effect" - Either way, this is a truly stunning piece!
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The monters are beautiful and frightening... and the scene is devastating! Amazing work.
APXwrestler's avatar
your pics are awesome what program did u use for it ?
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Aircraft carrier?
DancingPope's avatar
Reminds me of the game "War of the Monsters" for PS2.
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